types of palm trees

Types of Palm Trees

Whether you want to incorporate palm trees into your landscape design or are just curious on the different types, we have all the info for you! Palm trees are such an interesting plant - some can live for centuries,...

types of grass for landscaping

Types of Grass for Landscaping

When planning out your landscape design, it’s crucial that you find a type of grass that will thrive in your specific climate. Believe it or not, there are many different types of grass - and all of them have...

types of lemon trees

Types of Lemon Trees

Lemon trees can be a great addition to your garden - and not just because they provide you with lemon juice! They’re also really pretty trees that can thrive in a variety of different climates. So, if you’re on...

types of olive trees

Types of Olive Trees

Olive trees are used for a variety of different purposes - from olive oil production to fruit production, and even for their thick, wood bark. Contrary to popular belief, there are many olive tree varieties that only grow in...

types of ferns

Types of Ferns

Are you thinking about adding a houseplant to your home decor? If so, fern plants are a great choice! Being one of the oldest plants in the world, ferns reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers, making...

garden path ideas

Garden Path Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to build a garden walkway, a path to your front door, or just elevate your landscape design - you need all the garden path ideas you can get! From utilizing mulch, stepping stones, and even wood...

built-in planter box ideas

Built-In Planter Box Ideas

If you’ve been thinking about amping up your landscape design, built-in planter boxes are just what you need! Modifying your outdoor space can get expensive, but luckily - building garden planter boxes is usually more cost effective than straight...

above ground pool ideas

Above Ground Pool Ideas

With summertime fast approaching, it’s only fitting that you have a swimming pool in your outdoor space to cool off! However, any in-ground pool owner will tell you that a traditional pool installation is a long process - and...

covered patio ideas

15+ GORGEOUS Covered Patio Ideas

With summer just around the corner, it’s crucial that you have a shaded area in your outdoor space - so you can cool off! So, have you thought about installing a covered patio to maximize your outdoor living? From...

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