Olivia Cannizzo

Olivia Cannizzo

best humidifier for dry air

Best Humidifier for Dry Air for 2021

Best Humidifier for Dry Air Are you on the market for the best humidifier for dry air? Don't worry - we understand the struggle. For the longest time, my whole house was a hole of dryness. And it...

best montessori activities

Best Montessori Activities

Best Montessori Activities Are you looking for the best Montessori activities to do at home with your toddler or preschooler? Don't worry, because we've gathered the best Montessori inspired activities for young children. We'll tell you everything you...

best cozy slippers

Best Cozy Slippers of 2021

Truth be told, I'm pretty sure we've all gone through quite a few pairs of slippers in the last year (thanks COVID). So, chances are, you're probably needing a new pair. When I get home from a long day, my...

best bohemian sofas

Best Bohemian Sofas

Best Bohemian Sofas Are you searching for the best bohemian sofas? Or maybe you just don't know it yet? :) Boho decor is SO in right now. And I mean, don't you see why? Carefree layers of different textures, colors...

best burlap decor ideas

Best Burlap Decor Ideas

Best Burlap Decor Ideas Looking for the best burlap decor ideas? Don't worry, we've got allll the information you need right here! Traditionally, burlap decor was thought of as complimentary strictly to the rustic farmhouse interior design style....

montessori vs waldorf

Montessori vs Waldorf Schools

Comparing Montessori to Waldorf Schools in the Preschool Years Image via Youtube The million dollar question - Montessori vs Waldorf? As you start to think about sending your little learners into early childhood education, it only makes sense...

rustic farmhouse bedroom decor

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decor

Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Do I hear a rustic farmhouse bedroom decor makeover is in the works? That's so exciting! The rustic farmhouse style is a great interior design style that will make your bedroom feel like a vintage farmhouse. Therefore, if you're looking for the best...

best halloween costumes for kids

Best Halloween Costumes for Kids for 2021

Best Halloween Costumes for Kids With Halloween fast approaching, it's time to look at the best Halloween costumes for kids this 2021. Whether you're helping your little one find the perfect Batman costume or you aren't quite sure what your kiddo is going to be - you've...

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