Olivia Cannizzo

Olivia Cannizzo

farmhouse side tables

Farmhouse Side Tables of 2022

Farmhouse side tables are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture that you can incorporate into your home decor. However, there are so many different types of accent tables that it can be hard to know which...

best poufs

The Best Poufs

One of my favorite things about poufs is that they are extremely versatile; they can act as a footrest, provide comfortable extra seating, or even embody a side table to hold your drink. However, there are so many...

farmhouse laundry room

Farmhouse Laundry Room Ideas

The farmhouse style is one of my favorite home decor styles; it's the perfect mix of rustic charm and modern simplicity. However, finding farmhouse laundry room ideas can be both an exciting time and also stressful. Therefore, we've...

best ring slings

Best Ring Slings for 2022

We understand the need to feel close to your newborn, but overwhelming chores throughout the day can make the simplest tasks extremely stressful. Therefore, a ring sling is the perfect accessory to keep your baby close and your...

farmhouse dressers

Farmhouse Dressers for 2022

Are you trying to design your home with the farmhouse style but unsure of what bedroom furniture to incorporate? We get it. Often times, decorating the dining room and living room are the easiest tasks. However, when it...

what is farmhouse style

What is Farmhouse Style?

In recent years, the farmhouse style has become increasingly popular as an interior design style for homes. However, there are a lot of different features to farmhouse design, which is why in this article, we're going to take...

farmhouse mirrors

Farmhouse Mirrors of 2022

Going for the farmhouse style but unsure of which decorative mirrors to incorporate into your space? Luckily, farmhouse decor, specifically wall mirrors are relatively easy to find and use. Therefore, follow along for our top picks of our...

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