Tailgate Rootbeer Social

creamsicle and rootbeer floats with sprinkles

For my husband’s baseball team, as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®, I put on this Rootbeer Social for all the friends and family members of the men that play for the Barons! We had a great, HOT Sunday afternoon after the baseball game where we all gathered with kids in tow to have some sweet treats and get together for one of the rare moments all season!

Rootbeer Social Tailgate Party from The Cards We Drew

I did my shopping for my supplies at Walmart. For the party I used Sunkist Orange soda and A&W Rootbeer to make Creamsicle and Rootbeer Floats. We used Edy’s Grand Ice Cream in vanilla, which I might add is HARD to keep from melting in 93 degree heat on blacktop! We really rushed to get our floats made! You can see more about my shopping trip in my Google Plus Album HERE.

Float Ingredients

My husband drives a pickup truck, so I laid the whole spread on the back of his truck with some cute decorations from DimplePrints to go with the whole party!

pennant bunting on side of truck

I asked my husband if he wanted to leave the pennants up for the drive home, but he surprisingly wasn’t interested!?

welcome signs

We had some signage set out and fun paper straws with flags on them for the different float options! I also made some food for the occasion including Rootbeer BBQ Pulled Pork from Six Sisters Stuff using A&W Rootbeer! It was SOOO good! I also made cookies and Taco Chex Mix for the kids.

taco chex mix

I laid out lots of toppings in case the kids wanted to put them on their float or go soda-less and make an ice cream sundae!

sweet whipped cream cans

rainbow sprinkle toppings

nestle ice cream toppings

And of COURSE, we had the delicious makings for the floats! Sunkist Orange Soda and A&W Rootbeer!

Creamsicle Floats

A and W Rootbeer Floats

The ice cream sat in the cooler until the VERY last minute in hopes of salvaging it from being completely melted. I’d probably suggest using dry ice if you attempt this. My ice cream was pretty melted at the top, but made it ok about an inch down. Since it just went in floats though, it didn’t really seem to bother anyone!

Edy's Grand Ice Cream with Sunkist Soda

creamsicle float with sunkist orange soda

It all turned out so great…we had a great turnout too and all the kids had a lot of fun…even if it was HOOOOT!

Barons Baseball Team Rootbeer Social

Barons Rootbeer Social

team rootbeer social

making rootbeer floats

kids rootbeer social with dads

Overall, it was an amazing success and I was so happy that everyone had a blast. My husband has played with this group of guys for 6+ years now and we keep acquiring new teammates who have turned into some of our closest friends. It was so nice having this group together and even though I don’t PLAY on the team, I really feel like this group of men is a “community” that supports each other and their families…so yes, it was a great reason to celebrate and get all the kids together!

creamsicle and rootbeer floats with sprinkles

You can enjoy Rootbeer and Creamsicle Floats any time of the year….even without a big party! It’s a great summer treat and the kids love topping their floats!

Special thanks to DimplePrints for the Rootbeer Social Printables.

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  1. Great post! Love the ideas for the floats. The whole set up was super special!
    Thanks for sharing your day!

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