Kristin Kennedy

Kristin Kennedy

types of bamboo plants

Types of Bamboo Plants

While it is not one of the most low-maintenance plants out there, that doesn’t mean that bamboo can’t be a great addition to your garden…with some TLC. It’s crucial that you do adequate research before determining what type...

stamped concrete patio ideas

Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas

If you’re looking to add more aesthetic and curb appeal to your home, then it’s about time you looked into putting in a stamped concrete patio! It is great for replicating a more traditional texture - such as...

garden path ideas

Garden Path Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to build a garden walkway, a path to your front door, or just elevate your landscape design - you need all the garden path ideas you can get! From utilizing mulch, stepping stones, and even...

how much is a home in bozeman mt

How Much is a Home in Bozeman, MT?

We get it - if you’re thinking about buying a home in Bozeman, Montana, then it’s only fitting that you want to familiarize yourself with the market. During the last few years, the Bozeman real estate market has...

Make your Travelling Experience Smart and Safe

Make your Travelling Experience Smart and Safe

Here's a guide to make your travelling experience smart and safe As travellers, our aim should be to have fun and enjoy new experiences. However, sometimes that excitement comes at a high cost if you're too lost in...

bozeman rental agencies

Bozeman Rental Agencies

Are you moving to Bozeman, MT? It is a crazy housing market right now but let's be real - where isn't!? So, it's essential that you familiarize yourself with Bozeman's top rental agencies - so you can stay...

best baby nursery wallpaper

Best Trending Baby Nursery Wallpaper Murals for 2021

A nursery's design might be challenging because of the importance of the environment for both parents and children's development once the baby is born. To ensure that youngsters can sleep well, the atmosphere must be both calming and...

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