Kristin Kennedy

Kristin Kennedy

turtlenecks for women

Turtlenecks for Women

The winter season is almost here - and with that comes gusting winds and chilly weather. So, it’s imperative that on the coldest of days your winter wardrobe has some outerwear items to keep you warm. Turtlenecks are...

women's boyfriend jeans

Women’s Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are so versatile - they’re baggy so they offer a relaxed fit, and can sit anywhere from low-rise, to mid-rise, to even high-rise. With Black Friday officially here, it’s only fair we go over our favorite...

home decor ideas

Home Decor Gifts

Can’t seem to think of the perfect gift? Whether it’s the holiday season, an anniversary, or birthday - you can’t go wrong with some interior design gifts. Read all about Winter Throw Blankets for the Home right here....

farmhouse fall decor ideas

Farmhouse Fall Decor Ideas

Autumn is officially upon us...and you know what that means! Fall leaves, painted pumpkins, gourd DIY projects galore. We get it - finding the perfect fall home decor can be a challenge, especially when you’re going for that...

winter throw blankets for the home

Winter Throw Blankets for the Home

What sounds better than cozying up by a roaring fireplace wrapped in a super soft throw blanket? To me - not much! It’s easy to get wrapped up in winter home decor decorating during the holidays - and...

kitchen rug ideas

Kitchen Rug Ideas

A kitchen rug can make or break your kitchen design, so it’s imperative you have a rug that takes your living space to the next level. There are so many different color schemes and home decor ideas to...

winter mantel ideas

Winter Mantel Ideas

Decorating for winter can be a real challenge. Let’s be real - taking your holiday decorations down right after Christmas can be a real burden...who has time for all that during that time of year? So, that’s why...

winter wonderland decor ideas

Winter Wonderland Decor Ideas

Let’s face it, it can be hard to keep up with changing out your home decor to match the season, or occasion, or however you operate in your house. Personally, I love getting out the winter wonderland decor...

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