Superhero Drink Idea

Captain America Superhero Drink

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It seems to be a super superhero week around my blog! A few days ago I shared my Superhero M&M Muddy Buddy recipe with you…and today I’m sharing an easy drink idea to celebrate little superheroes in your life. It’s a well known fact by now, my son loves all things Marvel and superhero related…and he’s been a big Disney Infinity fan for quite some time now. We got him Disney Infinity last year as a Christmas present and didn’t quite realize how much he’d like the game!! Over the course of the past year we’ve used Disney Infinity as a rewards system of sorts for good behavior, taking time to learn and practice letters and numbers, and more. Now that we’ve exhausted the Disney side of it, we were excited to see that they came out with a whole new Marvel line of games!! So today we thought we’d share an easy Superhero Drink Idea for all the little superheroes in your life!!

Layered Superhero Drinks from The Cards We Drew #InfinityHeroes #CollectiveBias #shop

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25 thoughts on “Superhero Drink Idea

  1. What a great idea! I have seen the layered drinks before but never tried one. Do they taste good? I always wonder when you read the ingredients how it tastes when you drink. Do the flavors mix? Or do they stay seperate while you drink (kind of like a popcycle?) I’d love to know.

    This is such a fun idea that I’ve pinned it to my Superhero party pinboard. I’m sure so many of my Pinterest friends will love it as much as I. Thanks so much for sharing. And have fun with your superhero game this weekend. I hear it’s a fun one.

    1. Hi Kim! Yes, they taste good…the flavors don’t mix. They stay separated. πŸ™‚ You can actually good drink mixing and it gives suggestions for levels of sugar…but general guideline is 10g of sugar difference per layer…so you start with the most sugary flavor at the bottom and the possibilities and combos are endless! Have fun!!

      And P.S. the superhero game is a huge hit…the boys are playing it now πŸ˜‰

  2. Ugh, I’m doing this today for my son’s Iron Man party and the colors are just mixing together. So bummed!! I’m using cranberry which is 30g sugar and the Gatorade is 21g. Are they not enough apart? I didn’t look at that while shopping. I just bought the ingredients.

    1. The sugar content has to be far enough apart. They will mix a tad, as you can see in my photo, but you should still have visible layers.

    1. I’d have to see the sugar content. It’s all about the sugar content. Food coloring wouldn’t have sugar in it (plus wouldn’t taste very good).

  3. Hello!
    so I tried this because I want to do it for my son’s birthday party tomorrow. I got fruit punch which has 31g sugar and powerade zero with less than 3g of sugar but they are just mixing. Any ideas on why?

    1. Hi Ashley, I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues! I have no idea why it wouldn’t work…maybe the Powerade has too little sugar? Google “layered drinks” because it gives lots of suggestions on how to choose your colors…I did some research on what drinks would work best before I wrote this post.

  4. I want to do this for my little sisters baby shower.. should I have them poured in cups? or will pouring them from a pitcher mix the up?

    1. Pouring from a pitcher won’t work. YOu can either do a large layered drink from something with a spout at the bottom or you need to do them individually.

  5. Trying this for my kid’s superheroes party but it mixes every time! I bought kool aid (38g) and yellow powerade (21g) but can’t get the layers πŸ™

    1. Oh man…I’m sorry, it can be tricky. As you can see, it worked for me the first time, but I’ve had problems on other occasions too. I’m not sure why?!

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