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front yard xeriscape ideas

Front Yard Xeriscape Ideas

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant landscape design that still amps up your curb appeal? We’re talking all things succulents, cacti, native plants, heck even some fun perennials. So - follow along for our favorite front yard xeriscape ideas. Or - read Types of Palm Trees in Arizona here. ...

backyard ideas for dogs that dig

Backyard Ideas for Dogs that Dig

Has your furry friend been digging holes in the backyard? They may be the best dog - but as soon as they step outside - they think it’s their personal play area! This can be really frustrating for homeowners. So, keep reading for our backyard ideas for dogs that dig. ...

landscaping ideas without grass

Landscaping Ideas Without Grass

Landscaping your front yard can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to finding low-maintenance ideas. However, there are plenty of creative landscaping options for homeowners who want to spruce up their outdoor spaces without the hassle of maintaining a lawn. Keep reading - we'll explore some of the ...

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Raised garden beds are a great addition to your landscape design, especially if you have enough space in your yard to go all out! However, sometimes you can’t afford over-the-top landscaping and need to find some cheap DIY ideas to amp up your curb appeal. If that is the case, ...

types of grass for landscaping

Types of Grass for Landscaping

When planning out your landscape design, it’s crucial that you find a type of grass that will thrive in your specific climate. Believe it or not, there are many different types of grass - and all of them have different growing seasons and climate needs! So, follow along to learn ...

types of ferns

Types of Ferns

Are you thinking about adding a houseplant to your home decor? If so, fern plants are a great choice! Being one of the oldest plants in the world, ferns reproduce via spores and have neither seeds nor flowers, making them one of the best low-maintenance houseplants! So, follow along below ...

garden path ideas

Garden Path Ideas

Whether you’re wanting to build a garden walkway, a path to your front door, or just elevate your landscape design - you need all the garden path ideas you can get! From utilizing mulch, stepping stones, and even wood chips - we’ve got all the walkway ideas for you below! ...

built-in planter box ideas

Built-In Planter Box Ideas

If you’ve been thinking about amping up your landscape design, built-in planter boxes are just what you need! Modifying your outdoor space can get expensive, but luckily - building garden planter boxes is usually more cost effective than straight out buying them! So, follow along for the best built-in planter ...

above ground pool ideas

Above Ground Pool Ideas

With summertime fast approaching, it’s only fitting that you have a swimming pool in your outdoor space to cool off! However, any in-ground pool owner will tell you that a traditional pool installation is a long process - and expensive! So, have you thought about putting in an above ground ...

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