The Ultimate Gift Guide for the 5 Year Old Boy

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the 5 Year Old Boy
 Happy holiday season and with the holidays comes holiday shopping! Today I’ve teamed up with 8 bloggers to create gift guides and ideas for your holiday shopping. To sum up today, you can find Gift Guides for the 5 Year Old Boy, Gift Guides for the DIYer, Gift Guides for the Paper Crafter, Gift Guides for the Game Loving Family, Gift Guides for K-6 Kids, Educational Toy Gift Guides, Gift Roundup for “him”, and the Boho Gift Guide!! Please note all contain affiliate links…all my choices are below!

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the 5 Year Old BoyDisney Infinity Marvel Superheroes

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes – our son LOVES this game. We use it as a good incentive for him when he’s behaving well or when we’re just bored on a Friday night. And since it has a variety of collectible characters, you can keep trying new things with the game even after you beat it.

batman duplo

 Batman Lego Duplo Set – mix things up and put their creativity to a test with a fun Batman themed Duplo set. We have a few now and they’re always interesting to see how they put it together and think through the process.


MagnaTiles – These are a MUST on our Christmas shopping list this year. They encourage your kids to create and dream up their own buildings. These will be under our tree for sure!

casio keyboard

Casio Keyboard – Did you, like me, have a keyboard as a kid? Tickle your child’s musical side with a fun keyboard to learn on!

leapfrog tv

Leap Frog TV – I’ve heard really great things about the new Leap TV. Your kids can see themselves in the game and it’s educationally focused, as well. So if  you’re not so sure video games are right for your kids, this may be a great alternative.

zoomer dog

Zoomer Dog – Don’t want a real puppy for Christmas? Here’s a fun little option for a robot for your kids.

strider bike

Strider Balance Bike – a fun alternative to a regular bike to get your kids started out for spring bike rides.

leap pad 3

Leap Pad 3 – another great educational toy. We have the older version of the Leap Pad and still love it.

disney watch

Disney Watch – it’s never to early to teach your children the importance of time management and reading a watch! Start with this fun Mickey watch.


WowWee Robot – a fun robot pal that your kids can control by remote and make it do fun things.


K’nex – another awesome building set idea. Says it’s for 7+ but could be very fun with a parent’s help.

leapfrog band

LeapFrog LeapBand – it’s like a kids activity band or FitBit. Something fun to encourage them to keep moving!

superhero chutes and ladders

Superhero Chutes and Ladders – doesn’t everyone love a good board game? And even better…a superhero themed one?!

triple hit baseball

Triple Hit Baseball – take your kids to the batting cages in your basement or back yard and try this baseball game.

angry birds game

Angry Birds Game – Angry Birds minus the tablet or phone! Take technology out of it and have a fun game with your family!

ninja turtle secret lair playset

Ninja Turtle Secret Lair Playset – the ultimate playset for a little boy! A 4 foot tall Ninja Turtle Lair!

5 minute marvel stores

5 Minute Marvel Stories – We own this book and really love all the options for stories and the superhero theme never disappoints a 5 year old boy.

easy bake oven for boys

Easy Bake Oven for Boys – FINALLY! A non-pink easy bake oven! Boys like to bake tasty things too! Create treats with your kids on their terms!

glow in the dark stars

Glow in the Dark Stars – a great stocking stuffer idea for kids to decorate their ceilings with!

scented markers

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers – honestly, who DOESN’T love scented markers?! I got these as a stocking stuffer for our 5 year old son.

I’ve teamed up with 8 other bloggers to bring you the Ultimate Gift Guide Round Up! Click on image to get more details. Let the shopping begin!







Hope this helps with your Christmas shopping! Enjoy!!

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