Easy Fall Centerpiece

I LOVE fall. It’s easily my most favorite season of the year. Something about the mild weather, the colors, the leaves, the festivities…just makes me happy. This year I have more ideas than time for fall crafting, but today I tried to squeeze in a fun fall tablescape for my kitchen counter area.

Last weekend I got to go out to some fun shops in my area and found this birch bark “vase” at a shop called SOBO Style in Columbus. The larger pieces of birch went upwards of $20, but I found this small piece of birch bark for $4 and thought it would be so pretty for a fall centerpiece.

A few days later I headed off to the Target dollar section…and let me tell you, friends, it is full of amazing fall stuff. Seriously you guys…go to Target if you haven’t already. I spent $28 and my most expensive purchase was a $3 card. I got some pretty sunflowers for $1 each at Target, a deep red and cream plate (not in the dollar section, but on clearance) and a wire basket for $2.50.

I used the new Martha Stewart stencils I got in the mail for a Blueprint Social campaign I’m doing in a few weeks (fun stuff to come with it!) and I stenciled the plate with some pretty leaf stencils and “Fall into Fall”.

I used my Target dollar sunflowers, put them in a mason jar and wrapped the birch around it. Then added a piece of ribbon and a rosette to the outside of the birch. I had some indian corn husks left over from my Fall Corn Husk Bow Wreath, so I went ahead and used them for some height in the back.

The plate was $1.25 on clearance at Target. I used Martha Stewart’s stencils and glass paint to paint the plate with. I tried to mix the orange, red, and brown paints to create a multi colored effect.

The wire basket was $2.50 at Target (they are SO cute!), so I used that and put some Indian corn in the basket for decoration.

Overall, using what I had already, this whole table scape only cost me $10.00. Not bad! :)

Whew….one thing crossed off my growing fall projects list! Can’t wait to get started on the rest! Enjoy your Sunday and get some rest before the work week!

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