Chalk Paint Dining Room Table Upcycle Adventure


As you all know, this year is the first year I’m hosting Thanksgiving at my house. When we first made the decision to have it here, I realized one big problem…my current kitchen table only seats four people and we have six adults and one child eating here. So I started my quest to find the perfect table  by searching Craigslist because no self respecting blogger would just go out and BUY a table, right??? 😉 Maybe I should rephrase that as no self respecting poor blogger would just go out and buy a new table, right?

I wanted to find a table with some pretty lines and character, that had leaves, sat at least six, and wasn’t HUGELY bigger than my current table…so my search started and last for quite a while until last month I finally found the right table.

It’s solid wood…has THREE leaves…and seats six. It’s about 50 years old and it has very pretty lines to the table and the chairs are very unique too. I ended up paying $150 for it, which wasn’t terrible although some other tables that I liked better for $50 slipped out of my hands quickly {a occurrence for me when Craigslist shopping}. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten to refinishing/reupholstering the chairs yet, but I have done two coats of Annie Sloan Old Ochre to my table and finished it off with two coats of wax…with about 2 more to come to the top of the table.

Check out my progress:

Here’s the before of the table…it’s not a bad table unpainted at all…it’s very pretty with that maple color that you can see matches my trim, but it just wasn’t fun to leave it as is. So I went out and purchased some Annie Sloan Old Ochre, which in real life is like a like tan, and got to work.

And here’s the after so far…it looks really creamy white in this photo, but I assure you that it is indeed a light tan color. I love it and the sheen from the wax really makes it nice.

My kitchen chairs won’t be done in time for dinner this week, but I am thankful to have a place for my whole family to sit and share a meal! I’ll be back in upcoming weeks with updated on the chairs and the rest of the table!

To see the chairs view my first post about this table HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Chalk Paint Dining Room Table Upcycle Adventure

  1. Hello I found your blog through Pinterest and I have been debating on paint my kitchen table but was wondering With AS paint. Will the Top of the table scratch the paint off with People using it? Is there a sealer I would need to use after I painted it? thanks in advance for your help


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