front yard landscaping ideas for florida

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Florida

When landscaping in the Sunshine State, it’s vital that you pay close attention to your landscape design and how you’re implementing it. Because Florida is so hot and humid most of the year, it’s crucial that you get the...

low-maintenance front yard landscaping ideas

Low-Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

If you’re looking to transition your landscape design to a low-maintenance yard, we’re here to help! Low-maintenance yards have so many benefits - less time spent taking care of them, you’re most likely using little water, and they still...

landscaping ideas for southern california

Landscaping Ideas for Southern California

Maybe you recently purchased a new home and are doing a front yard revamp? Or, maybe you’ve decided to remodel and implement a low maintenance landscaping set-up. Being a California native, I’m the first one to tell you that...

front yard landscaping ideas for texas

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas for Texas

If you live in Texas and you’re feeling stuck in your landscape design journey, don’t worry! While the climate of Texas often requires drought-tolerant landscaping ideas, that doesn’t mean that you can’t beautify your front yard with ornamental grasses,...

drought-tolerant landscaping ideas

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas

Don’t let living in an area with little water resources stop you from creating a beautiful outdoor space! Believe it or not, xeriscaping is a style of landscape design that requires little to no irrigation and is extremely low...

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