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basement home theater ideas

25 Basement Home Theater Ideas

Realistically - when was the last time you went to a movie theater? Chances are, due to the pandemic you’ve probably been streaming Netflix or Hulu movies off your TV for a few years now. So, why not expand that space and make a legitimate home theater room? Follow along ...

modern entryway ideas

Modern Entryway Ideas

An entryway is often one of the first impressions guests have of your home. Therefore, it’s only fitting that you want to have a mudroom that’s inviting, has plenty of shoe storage, and fits the rest of your home design! So, follow along for our favorite modern entryway ideas! If ...

walk-in shower tile ideas

Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas

A bathroom can make or break your interior design, so you must take your bathroom design seriously. From your walk-in shower area, to hand-painted accent walls, to picking the perfect bathroom tile - it can be overwhelming! That’s why we’ve put together our favorite walk-in shower tile ideas below. If ...

best bunk beds

Best Bunk Beds for Saving Space

Despite popular opinion, I think a bunk bed can be utilized in any space throughout the house. Traditionally, they're put in the kids' room for more floor space and sleepovers, but we're taking it a step further. Bunk beds can actually look great in the guest room or any other ...

boho wall art

Boho Wall Art for Every Room in the House

In recent years, Bohemian home decor has been making a popular comeback. Specifically, boho wall art has become a trending focal point in many living rooms and master bedrooms. Therefore, follow along for our favorite boho wall decor!  Additionally, if you're loving the boho style, check out these articles: Boho ...

farmhouse table lamps

Best Farmhouse Table Lamps

Farmhouse table lamps are a focal point of your home decor and can therefore make or break your space. It can be hard to decide on a lamp - whether you're planning to put it in the entryway, dining room, or even the living room - there are so many ...

boho table lamps

Boho Table Lamps for your Home Decor

Recently, the bohemian style has been making a total comeback in the world of home decor. We've done a ton of boho articles such as Boho Living Room Ideas for 2022, Boho Pendant Lighting, and the best Boho Side Tables. However, if you're looking for trending boho table lamps keep ...

farmhouse accent chairs

Farmhouse Accent Chairs for Chic Living

What's a chic living room without a farmhouse style accent chair? Whether your space is in need of extra seating or a just a stylish piece of furniture, don't fret. We've got the best farmhouse accent chairs for you below!  Additionally, if you're loving the farmhouse style, check out our ...

farmhouse bedding

Trending Farmhouse Bedding

There is nothing more soothing than crawling into bed after a long day at work and bundling up in your bed sheets. Whether you're looking for a duvet cover, throw blankets, shams, or any kind of bedding sets - we've got them for you - farmhouse style! Therefore, keep reading ...

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