Valentine’s Heart Willow Wreath

Happy Monday!! I’m really excited to share some fun Valentine’s projects with you this week! I’ve kind of tried to stay away from wreathes recently because to be honest…I have a TON! A woman can only have so many wreaths…right? BUT I couldn’t resist when an idea came to me this weekend that was so simple and fun!

This wreath started out a little differently. I wanted to use some really pretty sparkly paper in three shades of pink with glitter all over it…but I tried to use both a heart hole punch and my Silhouette to cut out hearts and the paper was just too thick and I wasn’t about to cut out 50+ paper hearts by hand. So take two began….I still like it, but I’d love to have different colors and sparkle on it next time.

What You Need:
*Willow Wreath
*Scrapbook paper (be careful of the thickness you choose to avoid my issue)
*Punched hearts (you can buy scrapbooking heart punches or use a cutting machine like the Silhouette or Cricut)
*Hot Glue

I started by getting all of my hearts prepared on my Silhouette. If I hadn’t already been to JoAnn’s twice today, I would have gotten some other paper with different colors on it, but since I couldn’t go back I went with mono-chromatic pink on the whole wreath.

When my hearts were ready, I simply glued them with hot glue all over my wreath. Then I used some pink ribbon I had on hand to tie it at the top with.

SO EASY and I love the end result…whimsical and fun…and I love it against my Wythe Blue front door {haha}.

I have another fun Valentine’s idea coming up this week! Hope your week starts out great!




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