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dining room benches

Best Dining Room Benches

Doing a remodel and not sure what home decor to incorporate into your dining room? Banquettes, also known as dining room benches were traditionally used in a commercial setting such as restaurants. However, dining benches have become really popular in a casual home setting. So, follow along for our favorites! ...

best leather accent chairs

Best Leather Accent Chairs

Picking the perfect accent chair is tough. Picking the best LEATHER accent chair is an even bigger challenge. Luckily for you, we’ve included our favorite leather upholstery furniture below - so your interior design style can shine. Or - read Best Dining Room Benches here. What is the most popular ...

modern armoire

The Best Modern Armoire: A Guide

Modern armoires are allll the rage right now, although it can be challenging to find a wardrobe closet that fits in your home decor style. If you’re looking for some extra storage space while simultaneously vamping up your interior design style - you’ve come to the right place! Or - ...

best winter hats for women

Best Winter Hats for Women

Nothing is worse than stepping outside in cold weather without some type of head protection. Your ears start to freeze, heck - you may even get a headache. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your head warm during the winter season. So, keep reading for the best winter hats for women ...

best gifts for a 15-year-old girl

Best Gifts for a 15-Year-Old Girl

Finding a great gift for a 15-year-old girl can be a real challenge. Thanks to TikTok, something new seems to trend every other day. Beginning of the week Glossier eyeshadow is in and by the end, it’s out - replaced with matte black Sephora eyeliner. So, if you’ve been struggling ...

best holiday gifts for moms

Best Holiday Gifts for Mom

Finding a thoughtful gift for mom can always be a challenge. It feels like on Mother’s Day they want us to pamper them, but come the holiday season they’re ready for some personalized gifts. Luckily for you, we’ve got the best holiday gifts for mom below so you can wow ...

holiday gift guides for teens

Holiday Gift Guide for Teens

Let’s face it, teenagers can be some of the hardest people to shop for! What’s “in” seems to always be changing - one week it’s leggings from Urban Outfitters and the next it's Ugg boots at Nordstrom. Thanks, social media. Anyways - we are here to help you out this ...

benefits of slow cooking

Benefits of Slow Cooking

If you’ve been wanting a cooking method that is not only low-maintenance but also produces delicious meals, then you need to try a slow cooker! Don’t let the lengthy cooking time fool you - slow cooker recipes are super easy, can help save money, and tase great! So, follow along ...

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