Hot Cocoa Bar Marshmallow Christmas Tree Decor


This Saturday is the Christmas party I’m in the midst of planning and I’m getting REALLY excited about it all coming together! There are a lot of fun projects that I’ve been working on for it, so I thought I’d share this one with you today!

As an evening treat I thought we’d do a hot cocoa bar with a cookie to go for guests to snack on while they head home that evening. I have tons of marshmallows and goodies lined up for the hot cocoa, but I wanted to add some extra special decor to make it pop! So I made a marshmallow Christmas tree with some mini-white marshmallows and washi tape garland.

It wasn’t hard at all to make. You need a Styrofoam cone, marshmallows, hot glue, and patience. When you’re all done decorate your tree as you desire. I used cute washi tape and twine that I had on hand. Then I used some of the bulbs I had left over from my JOY Sign and Ornament Wreath for decoration with some pretty scrapbook paper from Michael’s on top of my cake stand.

 This was such an easy project to make and I think it’s going to be a great touch to my hot cocoa bar this weekend! More to come soon! Have a wonderful week! xo

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