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what is white chocolate

What Is White Chocolate?

As you go to search for that perfect late-night snack, you may have found yourself wondering, what is white chocolate? This type of chocolate can be very divisive compared to other forms. Some people love it, while others put it down, saying that it is not real chocolate. Although it's ...

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts

Funny Valentine’s Day Gifts

We're ONE month out from V-day my friends and whether you go big or small for Valentine's Day...or do nothing at all, today I wanted to round up some Funny Valentine's Day Gifts! Why not throw a little humor into your relationship, especially if you don't do the traditional flowers ...

Free DIY Valentine Ideas

Share the Love: DIY Valentine’s Ideas

Do you love Valentine's Day? I sure do. It's yet another reason to show love to the ones we care about, and get creative while we're at it. And of course, chocolate. Who doesn't need another holiday to remind us how much we love chocolate!? “All you need is love. ...