Valentine’s Strawberry Brownie Bundt Cake

bundt cake

I was perusing the local Target the other day and came across a pretty red bundt cake pan.


I’ve never made bundt cakes before, but they always look so pretty and I figured I’d take it home with me and try to figure out something fun to make with it. THEN I stumbled across some Valentine’s Day cookie cutters in my favorite aisle–the dollar aisle at Target (even though they were really $2.50, but whatever).

Given that the upcoming “holiday” is Valentine’s Day. I thought I’d try to come up with a fun Valentine’s Day cake idea and here the birth of the Strawberry Brownie Valentine’s Day Bundt cake was born. Sheesh that’s a long name. I’ll just call it my Valentine’s Day Bundt cake from here on out.

One package of Strawberry Cake Mix
One package of brownie mix
**All the items you need to make both mixes
Heart Cookie Cutter
Bundt Cake Pan
Vanilla glaze

1. Start by making your brownie mix first by reading the instructions on the box. I made mine in a 9×13 pan to make them thinner and get more out of the batch. 
2. Once my brownie mix was made and about to go into the over, I got my strawberry cake mix started, as well. You’ll need that ready to pour when the brownies have cooled off.
3. After the brownies were baked and cooled off a bit I took my heart cookie cutter and started stamping out hearts from the brownie pan.

4. After all the brownies are stamped out, start by pouring half of your strawberry cake batter into the bottom of your greased bundt cake pan. Then add your brownie hearts UPSIDE DOWN one by one around the pan. Be very gentle and expect some movement, but you can use each heart to balance the other one out. 
5. Pour the remaining strawberry cake batter over the whole thing and bake according to instructions for bundt cakes on the recipe box. 

 6. When the whole thing is done baking, it will look like this. Let it cool for 30 minutes or so, then flip it out of the pan and onto your platter or cake plate.

 Aren’t bundt cakes pretty???

7. I used Duncan Hines Vanilla Glaze to cover the top of my cake, then I cut it open to see how my little hearts turned out!

 YAY! You can see my brownie hearts! I think next time I’d use a cookie cutter that was a little longer rather than wider though because my hearts are definitely very wide. 🙂

 What a nice little surprise when you cut the cake, huh!? And no, the brownies weren’t dry, overcooked, or anything. They were nice and moist and tastilicious!! 🙂

The last thing to do on your list? Cut a piece and do a a little taste test. And yes, it does taste JUST as good as it looks. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey or strawberry-y. Just perfect. I’m SO glad I took a risk and decided to try this beauty out. Let me know what you think or what recipes you make for Valentine’s Day!

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30 thoughts on “Valentine’s Strawberry Brownie Bundt Cake

  1. A super yummy looking Valentine’s Day cake! And how fun to stop by your blog for the first time and see written above your sweet face the name ‘ABBEY’. That is what we named our youngest daughter! Spelled the same way 🙂 She is 20 years old now and I still love the name as much as the day she was born.

    Our oldest daughter was born in Ohio. We lived in a town called Middleburg Heights (near Cleveland) many years ago.

    I have enjoyed perusing your blog and seeing the projects you have been working on.

    Nice meeting you!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. This looks so yummy! I love the heart brownies. Yum! I would love you to come link up at Friday Frolic! Hope to see you there:)
    Karen@Pocket Full of Pink

  3. I’m making this as I type! Tomorrow is Happy Heart Attack Day, where I celebrate having heart surgery 11 years ago by having 2 heart attacks induced. Without the surgery, I wouldn’t have my 2 amazing girls. So we’re having heart bundt cake and ‘calzones’ shaped like hearts. Thanks for helping us celebrate!

  4. Thank you for this recipe as well as a great heartfelt idea. I just made this today for my family and they loved it. With blessings to you!

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