The begining of a den/office makeover

It’s so crazy because just this time last year I was starting my craft room makeover, a post that took my 9 months to complete! This last month my husband and a friend decided to start up their very own baseball school, Simply Baseball (site still under construction by my web designer, Kendra, from Keylime Digital Designs). My hubby is a former minor league baseball player, I think I’ve bragged about that a few times in the past 😉 I’m proud of him for that to say the least. Here’s the logo that they are working off of for their new baseball school:


So as he’s starting this new business and chapter of his life, I really wanted to make our den/office a more usable space for him and a place where he can be proud of and call his own. It’s on our first floor and it’s the first room to the right of our front door as you walk in. Some would say it’s the formal dining room, but we’re not formal people and our kitchen table is good enough for us.

Here’s the space we have now…don’t judge. It’s bare bones, barely used, and pretty much the place I dump stuff that I need close by, but don’t have room for anywhere else. And yes, I’m aware I have a craft room that I could dump my projects in, but you know, that’s like…downstairs…and I’d have to walk ALL THE WAY down there to get it! :)

I used to blog in this office until I brought my computer into the kitchen so I could be nearby my boys while I worked on the computer. I think a lot of people have this perception that blogger’s houses are really clean all the time because we stage all our photos to look that way, but this is distinct proof that this belief is a myth :)  

 Here we are…looking in from the kitchen. We have a pair of cream color drapes in there now with pretty lacy curtains underneath. The window is the front window of our house and has no blinds…something we’ll be fixing.

Yep, we totally have pictures in Ikea frames that have been sitting there since April. Matter of fact, I may finally hang those up this weekend! :)

I have these two ladder bookshelves that I got off Craigslist for $50 several years ago. They’re even Crate and Barrel! Unfortunately, they have no style at all. They hold books, diplomas, random photos, and printer stuff. Total waste of space. This will be another change in the making.

Also, currently the Target desk we have in there is a dumping ground for my crafting projects that I’m in the middle of. It’s kind of my way of not letting myself forget about them :)

The wrought iron metal sign is pretty cool and from my MIL who got it for my hubby as a homage to his Texas upbringing. We also have his baseball card collection framed…you know, right above the dog food container. LOL

 When our son was about to be born, I collected all of Casey’s baseball cards (minus two) and had them professionally framed with newspaper articles of when he was drafted to the Cincinnati Reds. This is something that will remain in the room and something that we hope to give Andrew someday.

So you get the jist of it. Formal room, pretty crown molding, lots of potential, but just needs some work. Here’s where I’m going with this…

Color Choices: gray, dark red, navy blue, and white

Overall Theme: Baseball

Wall Color Ideas: I think we’ll likely go with the Gray Lake by Benjamin Moore because (believe it or not, it has a little hint of blue to it)

 gray lake-Benjamin Moore                  Wickham Gray- Benjamin Moore

Window Treatment: dark brown plantation blinds in the windows to add some privacy and I’m going to stencil some Merete curtain panels from Ikea with a Royal Design Studio Chain Link Stencil (coming to the blog in two weeks). I think the curtains will likely be navy blue and white and I think the chain link will kind of be “basebally”.

Ideas for decor: 
Wood pallet sign with a Babe Ruth quote on it 
Add some frames with famous baseball quotes to the ladder bookcases
And more ideas to come…hopefully. 
So there you have it, the grand plan for the baseball office I want to make for my husband. What do you think? Any fun ideas you could give me??? :) Hopefully this room will be repainted in the next week and new curtains will be up!


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