Staining My Fence with Flood Stain

Do you guys ever have those projects that are just lingering to the point of no end? My craft room last year seemed like one of those, but I can definitely replace that now with our GIANT project of re-staining our backyard fence with Flood Semi-Transparent Stain

In July we were offered the opportunity to try our Flood’s Fence and Deck Stain to try out on our fence. This task didn’t seem as monumental at the time as it does now, so we started off and immediately loved the results! I’ll let the pictures do justice to just how great this product did in revitalizing the look of our fence!

AMAZING results, right?! And NO, none of these pictures were edited other than to include the text you see, scouts honor! We’re SO thrilled with the final results. The application of the stain wasn’t hard at all, just more time consuming because of the length of fence and the slats in between. Being honest, we still have about 3 panels left on the other side of the yard…because we have a toddler and it’s hard to find time sometimes.

The great things about this stain:

  • We IMMEDIATELY noticed how well it water proofs and protects the wood. The morning after we painted our first panel we noticed the dew sitting on top of the stained part of the fence, but soaked into the unstained portion.
  • The stain dries QUICK, which we really liked because we didn’t have to worry about our dog or toddler bumping into it and staining themselves.
  • It’s afforababley priced and they have a place on their website that helps you calculate how much you’ll need to complete your job! NO guessing!

One other tip…the semi-transparent stain goes on much lighter and milkier than it dries. So don’t get freaked out when you first apply it and it’s not what you expected. You’ll see it soak in and change to the color you chose within a few minutes.

So next spring when you’re looking for a way to refresh your yard, think of staining your deck or fence with Flood Stain and give it a whole new updated look!

Disclaimer: Flood did provide us with free product for this project, but all opinions are my own. Photos are not edited and are original photos with original before and after results.



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