St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Treat Bags

I’m a pretty die hard Pick Your Plum fan, so when I see a good deal I usually jump on it. You could call me a craft hoarder collector…I buy stuff in the off chance I may need something with it at some point in time and in this case, my purchase is helping me with these fun Shamrock Treat Bags for you today on the blog!

st patricks day treat bags

What you need:

Burlap Bags or other fabric bag

Shamrock Stencil (I used my Silhouette to download and cut one out)

Green Paint and Paint Brush



I regrettably didn’t take step by step photos, but it’s a pretty easy little item to make. Use your Silhouette or Cricut (or other stencil) to outline the shamrock on your bag and paint it on. Be careful not too apply to much paint so it doesn’t seep through.

Once the bag is dry, apply the sequins with fabric glue in the pattern you want.

It’s really that easy and they are so fun! You can put rolos in there (gold wrappers) or rainbow colored Skittles…so many options (I didn’t buy the candy because I’d be too tempted to eat the candy!). You could also put Lucky Charms in there too for a non-candy option!

rainbow shamrock st pats treat bag

rainbow shamrock treat bag

See how easy!? And they would be so fun for kids treats at school! Enjoy!!




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