Safe&Sound® VTech Baby Monitor Review

VTech Baby Monitor

Disclosure: I was provided compensation and a VTech Baby Monitor to review as part of a campaign with Mom It Forward; however, all word and opinions are my own and I’m really pleased with this product!

When we had our baby in February we started talking about how we needed a new baby monitor. When we had our son, we had a very basic baby monitor that constantly made noise all night long and, long story short, drove me bonkers. Our daughter is almost five months old now and we’re finally to the point that we feel she can move from her pack n play in our bedroom and start sleeping in her own room. Like any mom, that first transition to your infant sleeping in their own room is a little hard…we’re constantly up checking on her if she hasn’t made noise in an hour or so and in her getting BETTER sleep, we’re getting WORSE sleep! Enter the VTech Baby Monitor!

VTech Baby Monitor

We really have wanted a video monitor for a while now, but couldn’t decide which brand to go with and with the higher price…we weren’t sure if we really needed a video monitor. But honestly, after playing around with this for a while now…I don’t know how we could do without one!!

We started by installing the battery in the camera, which comes with the product, and then plugging everything in. From there the camera and the parent unit connected very quickly…there was no problem at all with getting the camera to work immediately. After everything was working, we had to play around with the angles and such to determine where we could get the best view of the whole crib. That was a bit time consuming and the only thing I do wish is that the camera was able to go a bit lower because that was the common issue for ALL the places we tried putting the camera…it didn’t go down as low as we would have liked. BUT we found a good place to see most of the crib and all of the room, so we marked the wall and got started attaching it.

installing the VTech Baby Monitor

The camera comes with an easy wall mount and it’s very lightweight, so there’s no concerns at all about it coming off the wall somehow or hurting the baby in anyway if it did fall.

wall mounted VTech Baby Monitor camera

The camera is right at the front of the room next to the door.

The nice thing about this baby monitor:

  • You can zoom in and out and you can pan around the room
    • The camera pans up to 270 degrees side-to-side and tilts as many as 124 degrees up and down. Need more detail? The camera zooms up to 2x!!
  • You can press “talk” to console your baby from your room if needed
  • You can set temperature alerts that go off if the temperature gets too high or too low
  • It allows for different levels of noise notifications as well as vibrating notifications
  • It has infrared LED so you can see your kids during the day or night
  • You can add up to four cameras so you can see other children on the same unit!

VTech Video Baby Monitor

After we installed the camera we tried it out…we have it perfectly settled on her crib so we can see almost every corner of the crib except for a few inches at the top (this is where the ability to pan the camera down more would be helpful…this is a low down as it will show).

VTech Safe and Sound VM333 Baby MonitorHere’s another shot showing how we can pan around the room to see what else is going on. This will be nice when she gets older and is playing in her room. We’ll be able to keep an eye on her and not miss out on any little “ah ha!” moments!! Since she was sleeping, my son helped me demonstrate in her room instead. 🙂

Safe and Sound VTech Baby Monitor

And as I’m finding out…you don’t have to limit these monitors to infant rooms. I already want to install another camera in our son’s room so we can keep an eye on him while we’re downstairs and while he’s upstairs playing in his room. Because after all…life is busy, and we need to stop, look, and listen to our children so we don’t miss out on the simple moments!!

Overall, we’re SO pleased with our decision to try this out. VTech has helped put our mind at ease about putting our sweet little girl in her room for the first time because we’ll easily be able to see her all night long from the comfort of our own bed.

For more information on VTech you can visit:

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  1. Thanks so much for writing about this. I came across it when searching for reviews on it online. We’ve been looking at this model and couldn’t decide for sure, but this definitely helps! Glad you like it so much!

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