Rosette Bookpage Wreath

This weekend we have done nothing but trying to start and finish up some household projects. And I must add, we’ve been quite productive! I left my hubby feeling very empowered yesterday after he finished putting together my picture ledges for the living room (pictures and instructions to come). I also finished up the worst project I have ever started…the bane of my existence…my Rosette Bookpage Wreath. This wreath turned out lovely, but I seriously hated every minute of it. It was one of those projects that I started thinking how much I would love it, but then after hours of ripping pages out and putting together hundreds of rosettes…I slowly despised it. The only reason I finished was because I had already put in so much work.

Here’s how I did it:

 1. Pull out a book page (I used a beat up James Rollins book with 4×6 size pages)
 2. Fold the bookpage in half length wise
 3. Crinkle the page up for ease of creating the rosette
 4. Start following one of the page
 5. Group the folds together at the bottom slowly to create the rosette
 End product…each one looks different, so just practice a few times.
 6. Pin the rosettes into a straw wreath, already wrapped with bookpages so the straw won’t show through and then hot glue the needle and rosette down for extra protection against it falling apart
 595 pages later…my rosette wreath. I started this thing in February and hated it so much I only worked on it a handful of times until this week when I decided enough was enough.
 I hung it on my shelves above our couch in the living room

 Next to my lovely Pottery Barn wine barrel clock
 I love this wreath, but will never EVER make it again 🙂 I’m just not patient enough for this type of craft 🙂

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  1. this is just stunning, really nice job! I pinned it to my pinterest as well. nice to meet you through making world cuter hop. Sonishka – far and away

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