Rainbow Heart Cone Wreath

I LOVE making wreathes and this one is no different! This Rainbow Heart Cone Wreath takes a bit of time to make, but patience prevails and a cute, whimsical wreath is created with just a few tools needed!!

Rainbow Paper Cone Wreath with Hazel and Ruby Handmade and The Cards We Drew

All you need for this wreath is the following:

3″ Scalloped Punch

Full of Heart Wrapping Paper from Hazel and Ruby Handmade


Hot Glue

Small Wreath Form (foam)

How to:

I start by punching out a bunch of 3″ scalloped circles from the wrapping paper. This paper is much thicker than a standard wrapping paper, so don’t let “wrapping paper” deter you as this is more paper like than a traditional Christmas wrapping paper.

3 scallopped punch

Don’t kid yourself…you’ll need quite a few of these scalloped circles. I found it’s easiest to cut 5 at a time down the width of the paper, trim off the edge with scissors, and then punch another row. Since the paper is in a roll, use your scissors or another heavy object to hold the paper down and keep it from rolling up on you.

punch the rainbow paper

After you’ve cut out a good number of circles, you’ll start by creating cones for each one. Create a cone, hot glue it in place and then bend 1/2″ of the bottom so you can place it on the wreath. The bent bottom should get glue on it and then apply them in rows to your wreath until it’s full.

folding the circles

make a cone

bend the bottom of the cone

close up of wreath

You’ll fill up the whole wreath and then hang it on the wall easily…it’s super simple, but can take some time to make. Plan on an afternoon of working on it…or stagger it out over several days to break it up. The end result is worth it!

add cones to the wreath

I’m a HUGE fan of wreathes and here’s another I added to my daughter’s room that’s fun and pretty!

Rainbow Paper Cone Wreath

Hope you enjoyed!!




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