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Mother’s Day 2011


Did everyone see what Andrew made me for Mother's Day at school this week? He made me a 3 fingered handprint (I would actually say four fingered, but my mom wanted to make it clear that a thumb is not a finger and therefore he really only made me a three fingered handprint...whatever lol).  I wish they could have shoved that last finger down, but it's still adorable. I eat stuff like this up and fully intend to put it aside in a box somewhere for when he gets older. I still have last year's Mother's Day present on the fridge, as well as the framed footprints my sitter gave us when she first started watching him, which are on my desk at work. … [Read more...]

My finished picture wall


Several months ago I was lucky enough to make my way over to Ikea in Cincinnati for a few hours to shop with my mom and my brother's girlfriend. While I was there I picked up a number of black picture frames in my attempt to create a photo wall going up my stairwell. After about 10+ frames, I spent around $70 for all the frames I needed, which I honestly thought was a pretty good deal. I didn't realize, however, how oddly sized the frames were and that getting pictures to fit those frames would be so difficult. It took me a long time to sort through all my pictures, re-size them in Word, get them printed off somewhere and cut them out, put … [Read more...]

Week One @ Daycare


Andrew finally started at his new daycare this week. It’s been a pretty rough transition in the mornings so far, but he has calmed down after drop-off and done really well. Yesterday at naptime he didn’t sleep a wink, they said he laid on his cot for two hours, but never shut his little eyes. By the time we got him home, he was falling asleep while sitting up because he was so tired. It was only 4:30 and we couldn’t let him nap at that point, so we gave him and early bath and dinner and tried to get him to sleep around 6:30. I guess he’s getting sick (again) though because he wouldn’t have it. That’s usually a pretty good indication when he … [Read more...]

Easter 2011


This year we celebrated Easter at our house. My parents and brother got to our house mid morning on Easter and started a great day together. The boys went fishing for an hour in the morning while Andrew slept, then they came home and got ready to make Andrew's sandbox. I tried to take pictures of what my dad did so I can write up a post about a DIY sandbox (always thinking of new things to put on the blog!!). After the sandbox was finished the weather cleared enough that we could enjoy our Easter dinner on our new patio set that my parents got us last fall as a housewarming present. Andrew got to sit outside in his high chair too, which he … [Read more...]

"Seriously God. Wow…."


Just a quick note for tonight...I procured a new sponsor and giveaway over at DimplePrints a few weeks ago and just started reading her blog. She made this cute Holy Week printable that was so true...I don't have any good place to use it except for here, but it definitely sums up how I feel every day after I tuck my son into bed at night. "Seriously God, WOW. You did that for me?" Tonight he wouldn't go to sleep and when I walked in the second time to calm him down for bed, he reached his arms up to me from the crib and grabbed tight onto my neck. I took him to the rocker and we rocked, for the first time in MONTHS, for about 10 minutes. He … [Read more...]

The writings of a crazy mom…

Julie's Baby Shower and Spring 091

So how do you all like the new look? I really wanted something simple, fresh, and clean and I think I achieved it. Not only that, but I did it myself! Believe it or not, I used my Silhouette software to create the logo and then I cropped it in Picasa. I'm getting pretty tech savvy!! ;) Now if I could just figure out how to use my Silhouette for actual craft projects, we'd be in business. Side note about the Silo- it's hard to use. I'm pretty good with learning things, but my mind can't even wrap around the things this machine can do and there are no instructions except for practice and online tutorials with this thing. I wish I had more time … [Read more...]

This weekend…


I have so many things I could write about tonight on here, but I'm in one of those scatter brained moods because I have so many things I need to finish that I already started. In my mind I'm yelling, "Ok Abbey, let's finish one project before we start the next!" but somehow I keep getting sidelined either by $$, time, or know how!! I'll start by sharing pictures from Andrew's second round of swim lessons this year. He started last year when he was 6 months old, so we got him re-enrolled again this year just in time for summer and swim season to start. He really was hesitant at first, but after a few minutes he LOVED it and was having a lot of … [Read more...]

Little Mr. Man Baby Shower

Julie's Baby Shower and Spring 008

I did a baby shower for my dear friend this past weekend, she's having a little boy in June. We wrapped the shower up yesterday and I couldn't wait to post the pictures today!!The theme I used was Little Mr. Man and I got all the printables from the Etsy company that I blog for on the side, DimplePrints. I also used DimplePrints for my son's first birthday party with the baseball theme in October before I started blogging for them. Anyways...the Little Mr. Man theme is newer and very popular right now, so I'm so thrilled to show my take on the party!!The colors were a variety of light blues, greens, and aquas. For food we made croissant … [Read more...]

Hysterical toddlers…

Funny story...Yesterday morning I was getting Andrew ready for his sitter's. We have a morning ritual. We change his diaper and I put on his socks and pants. Then I stand him up to pull his pants up and zip them. While I'm doing that, we have a little "hugglefest" where he wraps his arms around my neck and squeezes as tight as he can. We hug for a minute, then I have to lay him back down to get him the rest of the way dressed. He usually cries about this time because he wants to keep hugging (too freaking cute, but also time consuming some mornings). So I lay him down and I'm making silly faces and noises at him to try to make him stop … [Read more...]

DeHart Updates


I don't have one specific thing to write in this post, so it's just a conglomerate of things I've been meaning to post about. On Friday we took Andrew to our favorite Japanese Steakhouse for dinner, thinking that he'd be intrigued by the fire and the hibachi grilles. Sadly, we were wrong. He was really scared by them. He's been around fire before, so I really didn't think that he'd care, but he did. After about the 5th grille being lit up in the restaurant, he finally got used to the flames. Oh well...I did get some funny pictures though.  Andrew playing before we go...I got him dressed up in his little khakis and orange shirt from Auntie … [Read more...]