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Hot October Weekend


This weekend has been a really nice, laid back weekend. My son has been in an amazing mood all weekend and I've had such a good time hanging out with him. Yesterday, while he was napping, I got a ton of blogging done and I started working on his second birthday party DVD slideshow. It's so fun to look back on all our pictures over the past year and see him literally transform from a little baby to a little man. Just this time last year Andrew was starting to walk, but only holding onto things. Now he's running, jumping off steps {and landing!}, chatting our ears off, and learning more every day. It's amazing to see. I honestly think that this … [Read more...]

Andrew’s Birthday Video from last year

Hard to believe it's already been a year since I made this video for Andrew's FIRST birthday! Now I need to get to work on his second birthday video and I'm just in awe of how quickly he's growing. :(By the way, my video making skills are for sale in my Etsy shop online. See button on the right of my blog OR search for Memories of D'Hart on Etsy. … [Read more...]

Awesome Vendors


Hi everyone! Hope your Tuesday is going well. I've had an absolutely fantastic week in blogging. I don't want to jinx it though, but I want to be sure to give credit where credit is due!! If you all don't know already, I also blog for DimplePrints, which creates unique party printables for sale on Etsy. They are amazing at DimplePrints and I've gotten to know Carli and her brother, Mike, the owner and designer, so well in the past {almost} year I've been working with them. They created a whole new Candy Corn package for me for my son's birthday in a few weeks. Through DimplePrints I have found some of the sweetest, most amazing vendors … [Read more...]

Someday Crafts Guest Post

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday! Guess what?! Today I'll be posting over at Someday Crafts and showing off my awesome family tree that I made for my upstairs hallway. Are you a Someday Crafts fan yet?! Why NOT?! Michelle at Someday Crafts rocks. Go check her out! Here's the LINK to the post I did. … [Read more...]

New Fall Wreath


I finished up another wreath this week. I feel like it's still too early to adorn my door with my Candy Corn Wreath. I kind of made my own interpretation of a yarn wreath I found on Home Stories A2Z and I loved it. I think mine turned out really pretty, although I didn't care for the yarn wrapping process around the wreath. I felt like it took a longer time than I expected and it was hard to get it all to cover evenly and uniformly. I'm kind of a perfectionist though, so that's another issue--this wreath wasn't as "perfect" as I'd like. Whatever. I got over it. I love how it turned out. Not too bad, huh??? It makes me feel all fall-like … [Read more...]

Craft Room Progress: Filing Cabinets Makeover


I haven't posted about my craft room in quite awhile. If you're new to my site, you haven't missed too much. Basically, my craft room started out like this: BEFORE  A glorified storage room in the basement full of Christmas stuff, workout stuff, and baby stuff.  That, my friends, is a desk...a buried desk. So there's the BEFORE. And here's the CURRENT  (because AFTER just wouldn't be appropriate yet):  Made some of my pennants and got them hung up  Repainted the desk BRIGHT white, spray painted, and bunted the filing cabinets. Started work on stenciling the top of the desk--courtesy of Martha Stewart's new line. So there's the … [Read more...]

New Domain Coming Soon

As a heads up...I'll be changing the domain name of this blog later today!! It'll automatically redirect you to www.thecardswedrew.com once everything has been set up. It'll be the same blog, same everything, just a new URL to match the blog name. So exciting! Tonight I'll be getting back to business and getting this site updated. Stay tuned for some fun craft posts coming your way. Happy Friday! … [Read more...]

Our Massachusetts Trip


Notice any new changes to my blog?! Well, I hope so! It's completely different now and I adore it. A very special thanks and shot out to Kendra at Key Lime Designs. Kendra lives in Hawaii (so jealous) and she re-did my blog and dealt with all my stupid requests with such kindness. And the best thing about Kendra??? She did it FAST! Within 10 days of contacting her, I had a whole new blog. If you need a blog redesign, I highly suggest you try Kendra out. In the meantime, I obviously have some updating to do and I just got my computer back today--for the second time in repair (and the problem is not fixed), so I have a lot of catching up to … [Read more...]



I've been a bad blogger lately...I've just been so busy! We're about to go on a trip to MA for a wedding, so I'm blogging my little hiney off to get posts out for DimplePrints and for Someday Crafts (who is going to let me guest post next week!) before I leave. I have a SUPER funny story to tell you before I go though!Andrew has really taken to the ABC song and sings it constantly. We have a CD in the car that has lots of nursery rhymes and songs on it--the ABC's being one of them. Just this week, he actually started singing along in his little high pitched voice and mumbles. If that wasn't adorable enough, he wants it to be repeated … [Read more...]