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Grandma and Grandpa Presents

grandparent gift

This Christmas I had a goal to incorporate some handmade gifts into my gift giving, but I was a little stumped on what to do. I was walking around JoAnn's one day and discovered a section full of blank wood items SCREAMING for me to personalize. So that's just what I did. Sadly, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection when I made these, so I did not take pictures as I went along, but they weren't hard and can mainly be used as inspiration for you if you ever need a grandma and grandpa present idea. What you need: Wooden board and/or picture frame from JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby Acrylic paint in colors of your choice Wood … [Read more...]

Organizing Kids Toys…ideas?


I know I'm not the only mom with this living room is being overrun with children's toys. I'm no where near a neat freak, but I despise clutter and everything has a place--even if it's a stack in my kitchen, that's a place. So when my son's toys continue to grow and multiply, I'm feeling frantic in my own living room.I had finally cleaned out his toys from our living room in September and it was really neat and under control, then his second birthday happened and afterwards a few months later Christmas. And now...we're back to chaos. Here's some pictures of the "put away" destruction.   Doesn't look too bad from far away does … [Read more...]

Christmas 2011 is in the books


Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and support system and such a perfect little boy that made Christmas so exciting this year. This was Andrew's first year that he was really aware of Christmas and Santa, so it was extra special to see him meet Santa and do "ho, ho, ho!! Merry Christmas". He really enjoyed opening his presents and he got a lot of fun stuff to play with from Santa. Here's a few pictures from our holiday with some posts to follow this week showing some great handmade gifts I made for my parents.    Do you notice the amazing photo quality? That's because my loving husband … [Read more...]

American Cancer Society


Most everyone can agree that cancer has touched their lives in some way or another either directly or indirectly. I feel very blessed to be able to say that to date I have not had any immediate family members that have had cancer; however, I've had extended family and friends that have struggled through cancer. All of whom have survived and celebrated another birthday and are now stronger than ever thanks to organizations like the American Cancer Society who continually strive to find a cure or better treatment for cancer and to support those families dealing with cancer. The American Cancer Society truly is the official sponsor of birthdays … [Read more...]

Christmas Bark in Mason Jars


I've been looking for a fun gift to make my coworkers and my son's daycare teachers, so I took my candy corn bark that I used for Andrew's 2nd birthday party as a favor and I modified it for the Christmas version. Here's what you need:Pint sized mason jars1/2 or 1 yard of fabric of your choiceMini ornaments (I got 16 for $1 at Target)Recipe:One bag of pretzels2 large bags of white chocolateM&M's in Christmas colorsOreo Cookies--Christmas coloredSprinkles (I used green sugar sprinkles)Wax paperCookie sheetLay a piece of paper down on a large cookie sheet. Use your hands to break up about 3-4 handfuls of pretzels and spread around the cookie … [Read more...]

Andrew’s Toddler Christmas Show


Andrew's Christmas show was tonight and it was ADORABLE. Mommy subjected Andrew to a huge fashion faux pas though by putting him in an adorable Target sweater....that two other boys were wearing. One of the boys being in his actual class. Whoops. I guess you can tell a Target is a mile down the road in Blacklick. Oh well. He still looked adorable. I'm uploading the video to You Tube now, I just wish my husband had remembered that what he was saying was being recorded too!!! LOL There were a few "damnits" scattered about the video and a few times where he was singing over the kids themselves. Oh well, live and learn that I must operate the … [Read more...]

Santa Belt and Snowman Cookies


Get the video camera ready and the camera battery charged!! Tomorrow night my sweet little guy is having his FIRST Christmas show! I've been so excited for this since they announced it. My little redhead loves to sing and I hope he enjoys himself tomorrow night. The toddler class, 3-4 year olds, and school age kids are all doing shows at a church down the street; however, we were told that during practice this week in front of all the daycare children the toddlers froze up. LOL So my expectations aren't too high for a lot of singing, but either way it'll be memorable. We got Andrew the cutest little sweater for the event and I'll have plenty … [Read more...]

Over at I Heart Nap Time


Looking for a fun craft for the holiday season? Check out my post over at I {Heart} Nap Time today reviewing the Plaid Simply Screen Kit. I made these...So cool, huh?! You need to check this out. I'm already onto my 4th project with the Plaid Screen Kit making a shirt for my husband!! Stop by and say hello at I Heart Nap Time. … [Read more...]

DimplePrints Christmas Card


If you don't already know, I also blog for DimplePrints, so of course I use their printables for all my Christmas card and birthday party needs. Last year they made this Christmas card for me: Andrew was just a month over one year old in those photos. That seems like an eternity ago.  This year they made me another gorgeous Christmas card using the photos from our photography session with Erica Peerenboom Photography in November. If you are in Central Ohio and need a photographer, I highly HIGHLY recommend her. I'm SO thrilled that I finally contacted her and hope that we can continue to use her throughout the next few years. Anyways, … [Read more...]