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My Week in Instagram #1


I thought it may be fun to start more regularly scheduled postings and I LOVE Instagram on my phone, so this week is my first edition of My Week in Instragram where I post anything and everything I can think of that happened this week. This week was especially interesting and I'm about to tell you why...you won't believe our luck when you hear it.  Andrew got $50 in gift cards to Toys R Us for this birthday and another $50 in cash, so we took him to the toy store and we came home with the super cliche, but extra cute Rock n Roll Elmo doll. It sings its ABC's and rocks out and Andrew absolutely loves it. It was well worth the $60.  Big … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Birthday Party

Andrew's 2nd birthday 329

AS SEEN ON AMY ATLAS!!! WHEW...I got through this week. I really wasn't sure I would at first. I had an INTENSELY busy week and without the help of my friends (Jenny!) and family (mom and hubby) I would have never got it all done. But I did and it turned out great. Amazing, actually. My favorite party I've done yet and for my favorite person too, so it was even better. The party just wrapped up hours ago, but I couldn't WAIT to share my party pictures with you!! So here's how it went...I decided on a Candy Corn Birthday Party theme. I used DimplePrints (who I work with) for my printables. They made me a custom made Candy Corn party package … [Read more...]

Happy 2nd Birthday, Andrew

My little man turns two today. TWO! Where did the last two years go, I wonder? I feel like I just got through my pregnancy and to think my son’s turning two just blows my mind. I swear I was just getting finished up with his first birthday party, but here I am again gearing up for his second. Andrew has been such an amazing blessing and even though it seems like time has flown since he’s been born, sometimes I find myself wondering what I did with my life BEFORE he was born. I’ve only known this little boy for two years, but yet I feel like I’ve known him a lifetime. I HOPE I’ll know him a lifetime, that’s for sure. What did I do with myself … [Read more...]

Fall Fun at the Pumpkin Patch


Since we had Andrew we've made a tradition to do a pumpkin patch trip every year before Halloween. Last year we went to a nice pumpkin patch where we could pick our own pumpkins, but it wasn't anything to write home about--although fun. This year we decided to head out to Leed's Farm for a fun family/friends trip that was a BLAST. Andrew loved everything about this farm and didn't want to leave any of the events. Let's compare last year to this year, shall we?  This time last year...  This year...  Last year... This year... My how time flies, no?  Andrew had a ton of fun today! They had so many activities for the kids and we did them all … [Read more...]

Burlap Button Family Tree


Today I want to show you how I made my very own family tree and turned an old framed picture into a unique piece of decor for my family.Here's what I started with: Here's what I made: I started this fun little project a week ago because I was so sick of the framed print at the top of my stairs. It was boring, lifeless, and totally not my style anymore. I got it from Kohl's years ago and haven't ever figured out what I wanted to do with it...UNTIL NOW! The frame was pretty, but it needed a makeover---and everything else?? It had to go. I found a lot of fun ideas on Pinterest and I'm really loving all the button projects out there now, … [Read more...]

Hot October Weekend


This weekend has been a really nice, laid back weekend. My son has been in an amazing mood all weekend and I've had such a good time hanging out with him. Yesterday, while he was napping, I got a ton of blogging done and I started working on his second birthday party DVD slideshow. It's so fun to look back on all our pictures over the past year and see him literally transform from a little baby to a little man. Just this time last year Andrew was starting to walk, but only holding onto things. Now he's running, jumping off steps {and landing!}, chatting our ears off, and learning more every day. It's amazing to see. I honestly think that this … [Read more...]

Andrew’s Birthday Video from last year

Hard to believe it's already been a year since I made this video for Andrew's FIRST birthday! Now I need to get to work on his second birthday video and I'm just in awe of how quickly he's growing. :(By the way, my video making skills are for sale in my Etsy shop online. See button on the right of my blog OR search for Memories of D'Hart on Etsy. … [Read more...]