13 WeightWatchers Breakfast Ideas {Round Up}

WeightWatchers Breakfast Ideas Collage

Happy Monday everyone! Mondays for me typically mean starting my diet back up. There’s something about starting each week fresh with eating right. I can’t start dieting mid-week ever…it’s a quirky thing about me. I’ve been doing WeightWatchers off and on for years now. Used it to lose over 15 lbs back in my earlyRead more

The BEST Steak Marinade You’ll Ever Try…

the best steak marinade ever

I’m a midwestern girl and my hubby is from Texas, so we both enjoy our steak and potatoes. For holidays like Easter, we always look forward to breaking out the grill or smoker and putting together an awesome steak or in this year’s case, a brisket. We bought a 4 lb brisket last weekend thatRead more

Cheesy Potatoes with Crunchy Kettle Chip Topping

cheesy potatoes with Kettle Chip topping

If you guys didn’t know…I’m an Ohio State Alum, “GO BUCKS!”, and we really enjoy watching OSU make it in the basketball tournament each year. Tonight we’re gearing up for their next big game and we couldn’t celebrate the evening without my staple side dish of Cheesy Potatoes. My family jokes that we use thisRead more

Cadbury Cream Egg Inspired Mousse Cups

cadbury cream egg mousse cups

For my family, the best part of Easter happens to be when the first Cadbury Cream Egg comes out in the store. My husband, a non-sweets eater, even loves these little tasty bits of joy, so I couldn’t help but be inspired to create my very own Cadbury Cream Egg Mousse Cups. They look justRead more

Polka Dot Burlap Wire Easter Basket

polka dot burlap wire easter basket

Raise your hand if you love Target’s dollar section! *RAISES HAND JUMPING UP AND DOWN* I pretty much STALK this aisle weekly for adorable finds…sometimes I swear I spend more in that section than I do elsewhere in the store. So imagine my excitement when I came across this adorable wire Easter basket for justRead more