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Christmas Light Garland Mirror with Free Printable from DimplePrints

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Project 52 Week Five


If you would have told me in November that in the beginning of February I’d be outside working on the lawn and watching my son play in his sandbox, I’d tell you you were nuts. But here we are, in the middle of an Ohio winter and spent the day outside playing with the tee ball, soccer balls, working on trimming back the bushes in the yard, and letting Andrew play in his sandbox. Unbelievable. It was gorgeous out today and we spent the majority of the afternoon just playing outside. Andrew had a GREAT time and didn’t want to come in the whole day (even threw a fit when I made him come in to change his diaper).This winter has been so lovely for … [Read more...]

Jillian’s 30 Day Shred Review Part I (10 days in)


On January 24th I embarked on my quest to get fit and try to do it quickly and with as little of a time commitment as possible. After all, I am a mommy blogger--my evenings from 8-10 p.m. are when I take the time to write, create, and pin...I don't want to spend an hour of that time working out or trying to find the motivation to get in shape. Last year I bought Jillian's 30 Day Shred and only did it once. I've always been curious though to see if it really works, so I decided I'd take 30 days and do the whole program and see what happened. As I write this I'm on day two and I plan to continue for the next 28 days to complete the whole thing. … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink Valentine’s Wreath


I’m a little behind on my Valentine’s Day wreath making, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to come up with something fun for the big day. After all, one of my favorite colors is pink, so I had to find the most appropriate day of the year to do an all pink wreath! Although the photos make it look peach (poor night lighting during photography) it really is a light pink color.I tried using a different wreath form this time because I’m getting a little stuck on wreathes wrapped in yarn or burlap, so this time I got a different foam wreath that’s not rounded and I wrapped it in white fabric and used pretty pink push pins to secure … [Read more...]

DimplePrints on Tatertots and Jello


It's an exciting day for DimplePrints! Carli, owner of DimplePrints, got to debut her first contributor post today and will continue to contribute the first Wednesday of every month. Carli and I worked together to make some fun kids Valentine's Day card ideas a few weeks ago (HERE). And today we get to show off our Valentine's Day mini-package along with ONE MORE free Valentine printable for your use! Lots of fun! Carli, of course, is the amazing, talented designer behind the package itself and I staged the package and Valentine's from her creations. If you haven't seen DimplePrints before, you really must check out their Etsy shop...she and … [Read more...]

Project 52 Week Four


Do you ever wish life was this laid back and care free? A busy day sitting in the sun curled up in a little white ball relaxing. That's our dog Macy, the sweetest, most submissive little thing you'll ever meet and if you do meet her, you'll leave with about 500 pieces to remember her by all over your clothes. She was our first "baby" though when my husband first moved to Ohio, so she undoubtedly has a special place in our heart.I'm sitting here getting a start on our taxes and realizing that I'd rather be laying around relaxing like Macy than doing this tonight. :) OH and after this...Jillian's Shred. I'll have a Day Ten update on Thursday … [Read more...]

Winner of Royal Design Giveaway!


Yay! I'm so happy you guys stopped by for my very first giveaway with Royal Design Studios! I was so thrilled to see we had 124 entries!!! I was afraid I'd get like 10. :) Thanks so much for all who entered and I hope you stick around my blog to see what I'm all about.And without further adieu, here's the winner of the Royal Design Studios giveaway....drumroll please................... Number #63 was Emily!!!!! Yay Emily!! I'll shoot you an email to confirm you're the winner, please get back to me as soon as you can! If I don't have a confirmed winner by next week, I'll have to draw a new name.Thanks again to all who entered and I'm so happy … [Read more...]

Fork and Spoon Wall Decor


 I'm off work today nursing a sick boy back to health. He's napping now, which means mommy can get a project post in.A LONG time ago I bought this oversized fork and spoon off of Etsy to hang in my kitchen (please excuse the poor photography...this was last year when I had zero clue about taking pictures).I liked it, it went well with our kitchen colors, but when I went to hand it horizontally, I realized there was no way to do so. It only came with hooks to hand vertically and there was no vertical space to hang it nicely in the kitchen. So you know what it did? It sat. It sat on top of my fridge for over a year! They weren't expensive, but … [Read more...]

Project 52 Week Three

Well, this is a few days late, but the picture was from Week Three. And there was a Week Two photo, but no post. You can find them all on my sidebar to the right.My son has recently taken to wanting to watch the Cat in the Hat movie a lot. I mean....A LOT. He wakes up and starts with "The cat moomie the cat moomie" and gets home from daycare asking for the same thing. He's NEVER been the type of child to watch a lot of TV and as a parent I've always been proud of that and then one evening that changed. And now it's a struggle to get him NOT to want to watch "the cat moomie." And the Cat in the Hat movie he wants to watch? That … [Read more...]

I need an opinion for my craft room


Hey guys, happy Sunday. Hope you're staying warm this weekend. I haven't left the house since Friday after work LOL. It's cold out and it's that time of the year that I just want to hibernate and sleep (but I really don't get much of the sleep part with my little guy running around during the day). So since I'm kind of cooped up, I've been trying to figure out the last few pieces I need to get my craft room together. It's been a 6+ month process (mostly of doing nothing lately) so far and I feel it's time to just get what I need and finish it up and move on to another room. PLUS I'm dying to show you guys the finished product.Since I have a … [Read more...]