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Recipe of the Week: Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti


Before we get started--I wanted to let everyone know I'm seeking bloggers who'd be interested in doing a blog swap. You write on my blog...I write on yours. If you're interested, please email me at ambonawitz@yahoo.com and we can set up some time to chat! :)  Moving on to the tastiness...Each week I try to mix things up a little bit at the homefront and try something new for dinner. The usual tacos, chicken, pizza, grilled cheese, etc. etc. gets old and boring after a while. Pinterest is usually where I find my inspiration.Last week I decided to make the Baked Cream Cheese Spaghetti I'd been eyeing on Pinterest for a few days. The recipe is … [Read more...]

2012 To Do’s

2012 To Do's

Happy New Year!!! Last night we bought some food and appetizers, hung out at home, and watched some college bowl games. My parents were over and we had a nice relaxing night playing with our little guy (affectionately called "the goob" by most of my family).2011 was a good year for my family.We overall had a really nice and laid back year. I swear 2011 flew by for us; not much happened this year, but it was still a good year. My husband's in a great place with his job and I am still enjoying my job, as well {remember...I'm a full time working momma}. My son started daycare this year and we're very happy with our decision. Also in 2011, my son … [Read more...]

Project 52


Have you ever started a Project and done it each week for an entire year? Me niether, but I'm going to this year. Project 52 starts this week and I'm going to capture one image for each week the entire year and make a year end photo album out of it. Bri at Mod Memento introduced me to the idea, something she does yearly in her family...and I LOVE the concept. PLUS, I got my new Nikon now too, so it gives me a chance to mess around with my camera a bit too each week. So next Sunday endsWeek One and I'll have my chosen photo of the week. Each week my goal is to post my Project 52 photo on Sunday evening (after the full week is done). Anyone … [Read more...]

Cone Bookpage Wreath


Another homemade gift I made this year was a cone bookpage wreath for my mother. If you recall, earlier this year I made a bookpage wreath for myself that I vowed to never make again. It took me nearly 4 months of on and off work to complete and over 565 pages of rosettes, so it truly was a labor of love--that I will never. EVER. MAKE. AGAIN. {I'll be honest...even though I'm a self titled "crafter" I am extremely impatient and don't enjoy crafts that take loads of time to complete...so the fact that this project took me several months to finish is what holds me back from doing it again. If you are a patient person that enjoys tedious … [Read more...]

Top 10 Projects of 2011


Yep folks, I'm jumping on the bandwagon this week in blogland and posting about my top 10 posts of 2011 as determined by YOU, my readers, via statistics on my site! I kind of just started into this whole blogging thing in 2011, so there wasn't a TON to choose from, but these are definitely my favorite projects of the year and stats show they were yours too. So let's take a look! #10 Filing Cabinet Makeover for my Craft Room #9 Mini Mason Jar Apple Crumb Pies #8 Candy Corn 2nd Birthday Party (as seen on Amy Atlas!) #7 Burlap Button Family Tree #6 Fall Wreath #5 DIY Headboard #4 Little Mr. Man Baby Shower #3 Santa Belt … [Read more...]

Grandma and Grandpa Presents

grandparent gift

This Christmas I had a goal to incorporate some handmade gifts into my gift giving, but I was a little stumped on what to do. I was walking around JoAnn's one day and discovered a section full of blank wood items SCREAMING for me to personalize. So that's just what I did. Sadly, I was sick with an upper respiratory infection when I made these, so I did not take pictures as I went along, but they weren't hard and can mainly be used as inspiration for you if you ever need a grandma and grandpa present idea. What you need: Wooden board and/or picture frame from JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby Acrylic paint in colors of your choice Wood … [Read more...]

Organizing Kids Toys…ideas?


I know I'm not the only mom with this issue...my living room is being overrun with children's toys. I'm no where near a neat freak, but I despise clutter and everything has a place--even if it's a stack in my kitchen, that's a place. So when my son's toys continue to grow and multiply, I'm feeling frantic in my own living room.I had finally cleaned out his toys from our living room in September and it was really neat and under control, then his second birthday happened and afterwards a few months later Christmas. And now...we're back to chaos. Here's some pictures of the "put away" destruction.   Doesn't look too bad from far away does … [Read more...]

Christmas 2011 is in the books


Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and support system and such a perfect little boy that made Christmas so exciting this year. This was Andrew's first year that he was really aware of Christmas and Santa, so it was extra special to see him meet Santa and do "ho, ho, ho!! Merry Christmas". He really enjoyed opening his presents and he got a lot of fun stuff to play with from Santa. Here's a few pictures from our holiday with some posts to follow this week showing some great handmade gifts I made for my parents.    Do you notice the amazing photo quality? That's because my loving husband … [Read more...]

American Cancer Society


Most everyone can agree that cancer has touched their lives in some way or another either directly or indirectly. I feel very blessed to be able to say that to date I have not had any immediate family members that have had cancer; however, I've had extended family and friends that have struggled through cancer. All of whom have survived and celebrated another birthday and are now stronger than ever thanks to organizations like the American Cancer Society who continually strive to find a cure or better treatment for cancer and to support those families dealing with cancer. The American Cancer Society truly is the official sponsor of birthdays … [Read more...]