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I've been a bad blogger lately...I've just been so busy! We're about to go on a trip to MA for a wedding, so I'm blogging my little hiney off to get posts out for DimplePrints and for Someday Crafts (who is going to let me guest post next week!) before I leave. I have a SUPER funny story to tell you before I go though!Andrew has really taken to the ABC song and sings it constantly. We have a CD in the car that has lots of nursery rhymes and songs on it--the ABC's being one of them. Just this week, he actually started singing along in his little high pitched voice and mumbles. If that wasn't adorable enough, he wants it to be repeated … [Read more...]

Cane Chair Project


I told you about how I bought this Cane Chair on Craigslist the other day for $45. I've been seeking fabrics to recover the chair with and I finally found EXACTLY what I need from Spoonflower. I'm SO excited to debut the fabric I picked out for my chair!!  Here's the current state of the ugly chair in all it's poop brown glory. See the straw piping along the bottom of the chair? Consider that gone when I get my hands on this chair. Not pretty. Forgive me, I'm just NOT a brown fan. This chair has a MAJOR makeover in it's near future, which involves a bright white coat of paint, some light blue antiquing on the arms and legs, and some of this … [Read more...]

SO Many Projects, so little time


THIS House of Hepworth's post got me thinking about my own list of to-do projects that have started, but never finished. I'm starting to feel like a mini-hoarder (even though I despise clutter) because of my inability to start any of the crafts I finish. Something else always seems to take priority, something else needs to be done and then I forget about my sweet little project and it sits for months on end.  My Rosette Bookpage Wreath? Yeah, that sucker took MONTHS to finish. Mostly because I hated it, but I had already invested so much time into it that I couldn't let it go without finishing. So what did I do to fix my issue?Well, I took in … [Read more...]

My Un-Published Great Ideas Guest Post–DIY makeovers


So I got super lucky and was one of ten folks chosen to be considered for the Tatertots and Jello Virtual Assistant position. I was SO nervous/excited and Jen asked that I write up a weekend wrap up post as a sample of my writing skills. She gave me some previous posts she had done and I did my best to keep my style in line with hers. In the end, I think I wrote a really cute post, but another applicant was chosen. I'm sure there were tons of talented ladies to consider. So even though I didn't get the job, I thought I'd share my carefully thought out post so my efforts weren't for nothing at all. So this is what I wrote up to cover Jen's … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Wreath


If you haven't been keeping up lately (and why not, I may add haha), I'm getting ready for Andrew's 2nd birthday party that I'm using a candy corn theme for. I love candy corns and I've had a lot of fun already finding food and decor for his party. One of my absolute favorite crafts to make though are wreaths. I've made a bunch of them now and I swear (not to pat my own back) they each get a little better each time. Even my husband told me how much he liked my work tonight, which is unheard of. So here's my attempt at a cute candy corn wreath for my son's party and also for fall decor/Halloween decor. What you need:18" grapevine wreath … [Read more...]

Labor Day Weekend aka the end of Summer 2011


We spent our weekend at the lake this weekend. Friday and Saturday were in the high 90's, Sunday was in the mid-70's, and Monday was in the early 60's. How we dropped 20+ degrees from Saturday-Monday is beyond me. It was a bit depressing, but I love fall and the cool weather. I love carving pumpkins, pulling out my cozy sweaters, and drinking warm coffee in the morning. I look forward to getting ready for Andrew's birthday party and Casey's birthday shortly thereafter. Fall is amazing, but the problem with fall is that you know what comes AFTER fall. After fall comes the bitter cold, the gray skies, the loads of snow, ice, and stupid Ohio … [Read more...]

A Trip to the Park in Instagram


Tonight Andrew was getting restless at home and we had no groceries, so we headed out to Jimmy John's for some sandwiches with a plan to hit up the park after on the way home. Andrew was a riot at Jimmy John's and was dancing to their too loud music, biting into giant pickles and going "mmmmmm", and just being a funny little guy. I don't know what got into him, but he had Casey and I rolling by the end of our meal--and a few other patrons too.After we got done, we drove over to the park near our old house. That's the one thing I miss about that house...the nice park and playground within walking distance, but alas...we love our house now. … [Read more...]

Craft Room Progress


Last week I shared with you the progress I've made so far on my craft room. To recap it went from this: This was the before of this room...see the black cabinets below the desk? See ALL that clutter? Yikes **hangs head in shame**  To this... Pretty bold change, but I'm still loving the color. A craft room is meant to inspire and be a place to create things, so I didn't want anything dull. The above picture is what it looks like today. I have a ton on my list of to do's for this room, but once all the painting and spray painting is done, it's time to start adding decor and fun stuff to the walls. If you recall, there are filing cabinets … [Read more...]

Candy Corn Birthday Party

Candy Corn Birthday Party by absred2000 on Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / halloween party food - Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / Pumpkin Lanterns - Martha Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / Candy Corn Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / poppytalk: Weekend Project: Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / Simply Creative Insanity: Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / introducing “candy corn” Andrew's Halloween Boo-thday Party / Easy Halloween … [Read more...]

Splash Park fun


I've kind of taken this blog over with craft stuff lately, which I adore, but I need to get back to my roots and my roots are updating my family and friends on my beautiful little boy. He's turning TWO in October and I'm already getting the creative juices flowing for his party. If you don't know, I blog for a party printables company, DimplePrints, so every party is an opportunity to do something really great. I get their AWESOME stuff for free, so I am always looking for an excuse to party. So that's what I'm currently getting started on and have already devoted a Pinterest board to ideas. His daddy wants a Happy Boo-thday party for him, … [Read more...]