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Fueling My Day…

quaker big chewy granola bar

My weekdays right now are INSANE...I feel like I get home, look at the clock, and we're already behind schedule. Take tonight for example, I needed to get my son's haircut, then promised him ice cream if he behaved and didn't cry during his haircut (don't ask), then I needed to run by the store...and before I knew it I wasn't home until 6:30 p.m.. I got off at 3:45. Where does the time go? And in the middle of it all I find myself realizing I haven't eaten anything since lunch at 11:30 that day. Quaker recently sent me this Big Chewy Bars to try out and I'm in love...I've always enjoyed Quaker Chewy bars, but there's something amazing … [Read more...]

Easy 10 Minute Spring Flower Wreath

Quick and Easy Spring Flower Wreath

I finished up the main portions of my half bath makeover this weekend (stop by to enter to win a MirrorMate Frame!) and wanted to make a small pretty wreath for the top of my shelves in the bathroom. I'm still busy re-styling my shelves, but I really wanted a pretty wreath. Today I'll share how to make a quick and easy spring flower wreath that will take all of 10 minutes to make! The wreath itself is up near the ceiling on the top of my shelves, so sorry for the strange angle...but I love how it turned out and it literally took no time at all to make. What you need: Small Flowers of your choice from the craft or dollar … [Read more...]

Half Bathroom Update and MirrorMate Giveaway!

half bathroom makeover from the cards we drew using mirrormate frames and giveaway

We've lived in our house now for 3+ years and it took us SO long to finally tackle our downstairs half bath. Our house is in a development and is very builders grade everything from the floors to the light fixtures, so we've slowly but surely been trying to update little things as time goes on. Last year we replaced the carpet in our living room, before that we updated all our kitchen and den light fixtures, and a few weeks ago we started painting all the trim in our house white...WHAT A DIFFERENCE THAT MAKES! So this weekend we decided to try to finish up our half bathroom. It's AMAZING how little updates can make a room look so much … [Read more...]

Three Minute Breakfast Burritos

Three Minute Breakfast Burrito with Tyson Sausage #DoItAllMom

My mornings are pretty busy most days. If I wake up even 5 minutes late my whole morning is thrown off because of rush hour traffic. Then there's my 3 year old, who can be unpredictable as to what mood he wakes up in each morning. Does he wake up happy? Cranky? Whiny? You never know. My husband starts his work day very early each day, so he's out the door SUPER early and some mornings I struggle with what to make for breakfast heading out the door. I like to eat breakfast at work, but the traditional bagel or baked good can get boring...but how do you make yourself a "real" breakfast in a short period of time? I'll tell you how! First … [Read more...]

Color Blocked and Polka Dots Nails with Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen Color Blocked and Polka Dots Nails #IHeartMyNailArt

I'm going to SNAP Creativity Conference again this year and I'm about 10 days away from leaving! AHHH! I'm SO excited to be heading back to Salt Lake City to see all my blogging friends and one thing you can expect from a large group of bloggers is COLOR and being ON TREND! These gals dress to impress and the more color and accessories the better. Last year I didn't feel like I put too much effort into my wardrobe, so this year I started planning early! I'll share my outfits with you later this week... In the meantime, I'm trying to plan how to make even my NAILS stand out, so I was really excited to get a chance to try doing some … [Read more...]

DOLE Fruit Parfaits for Snacktime


My son comes home from daycare every day famished, like they don't feed him at school...he eats breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack there daily, but still needs a second snack before dinner to "hold him over". That second snack is tough though because I don't want him to fill up too much and I don't want to feed him it's tricky at times finding something we can both agree on. He does seem to like these DOLE Fruit Parfaits a LOT though! These parfaits are cool and refreshing with a layer of real fruit and a smooth layer of deliciously light tasting creme! They come in three flavors, Pineapple and Creme, Apples and Creme, … [Read more...]

10 WeightWatchers Lunch Ideas {Round Up}

WeightWatchers Lunch Recipe Ideas Round Up Post

Happy Tuesday! Yesterday I rounded up 13 WeightWatchers Breakfast Ideas, today I'm rounding up some lunch ideas! I tend to eat a lot of salads, cottage cheese, and fruit for lunch, but some of these might convince me to switch it up! PLEASE VISIT ORIGINAL SITE TO PIN INDIVIDUAL RECIPES, THANKS! Buffalo Chicken Bites (3 points) from Laaloosh WeightWatchers Slow Cooker Barbacoa Beef from Six Sisters Stuff Mexican Chicken and Bean Pizzas from WeightWatchers WeightWatchers Salsa Rollups from Chef in Training Crock Pot Chicken Taco Chili from Skinny Taste Loaded Santa Fe Baked Potato Skins from Skinny Taste Italian Pasta … [Read more...]

13 WeightWatchers Breakfast Ideas {Round Up}

WeightWatchers Breakfast Ideas Collage

Happy Monday everyone! Mondays for me typically mean starting my diet back up. There's something about starting each week fresh with eating right. I can't start dieting mid-week's a quirky thing about me. I've been doing WeightWatchers off and on for years now. Used it to lose over 15 lbs back in my early 20's. After my son I've been on and off WW for a few years. Back on it and down 3 1/2 lbs most recently...although if I tried harder I'd probably be down closer to 10 lbs by now. WeightWatchers always seems to work for me--I use the online program/app, when I can stick with it. It's hard during this time of the year with all the … [Read more...]