Our Texas Trip

Two weekends ago this time I was basking in the Texas sun…70’s, bright sunny days, and cool nights. It was my kind of weather. My husband’s whole family lives in Texas and my whole {immediate} family lives in Ohio. We finally made it down there to visit them and we enjoyed the visit so much. Once upon a time I used to write on this blog a lot about our trips, our family, and our son in general, but somehow I’ve gotten away from that…so maybe some of you aren’t used to me getting personal on here, but here it goes…I’m gonna spill our trip and photos from Texas today. :)


Sadly, before this trip we hadn’t been to Texas since our son turned two. He’s now three and 4 months…so our trip was long overdue. The first day we got in this is what our drive looked like…and yes, those in the distance are hundreds of birds flocking around something, it was so bizarre. The day was gorgeous though and we got to visit with Casey’s grandma, Aunt and cousin. Then we headed back into Fort Worth late that night to his cousin’s house.


The next day we were up and at ’em at the Stockyards with family. Andrew, surprisingly, was not at all hesitant about sitting on this longhorn…you had to pay $5 for the 2 minute photo-op, but he thought it was pretty cool. The Stockyards are a pretty fun place to take the kids and look through shops, see the cattle drive each day, and just realize that you’re in a very historical place.


We played around the Stockyards and Fort Worth Stock Show that day…Andrew’s grandma (my MIL) bought Andrew an authentic cowboy hat to go with his real cowboy boots…so he looked like a true Texan while we were touring! He LOVES wearing his cowboy boots and his little hat just topped the whole thing off.



Andrew doesn’t have any cousins in Ohio, so one of the highlights of his trip was getting to play with his 5 cousins all living in Texas and then extended second cousins that came over to visit, as well. He’s still been asking about them a lot since then, which makes me so sad that the kids don’t get more chances to spend time together.


At the Stockshow we enjoyed checking out the equipment, especially with Andrew in his whole cowboy get up on a tractor…I’m in love with this sweet little photos of him. He really enjoyed the Stock Show, they had tons of animals, but towards the end you could tell he was getting tired….{his daddy got him that shirt at the Stockyards…A-dor-able}




The rest of the time there seemed to fly by, we went to eat at Del Fresco’s in Downtown Fort Worth, which was amazing food, but the service for such an expensive restaurant was not so terrific. We made the best of it though and ate a great meal with my mother in law. While we had dinner, Andrew got to spend the entire evening with his aunts and uncle and five cousins. We came home late to a pooped out auntie and all the kids asleep. Andrew LOVED playing with his little cousins though and spent the next day with his cousin Alyssa at Chuck E Cheese.



Overall the trip was amazing and we were able to meet up with all almost all of our family. We spent our last two nights with family cooking out and eating tasty treats from my cousin-in-law’s wife. The kids had fun too…


Yep…the boys totally thought the dog cage was the fun place to be :) And I was even introduced to Nothing Bundt Cakes….OMG. I’m sorta glad those aren’t in Ohio or I’d be in trouble! 😉


All in all, our trip was great…I don’t think Andrew was ready to go home…he asked for several days after when he was going to get to see his cousins again. So we’re definitely gonna have to make time to get back there sooner again. photo(16)

He flew home just perfectly (he’s traveled more in his short three years of life than I did before I was age 25!) and now we’re looking forward to our Disney World trip in May! It’s so nice to be able to take these little vacations with our son and get to see and spend time with all of our family, I just wish we could do so more often. :)


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