No Sew Stenciled Turkey Towel


This past weekend I was crafting away trying to get SOMETHING new to show you guys on my site. It’s hard being a working mom and a craft blogger, so know that I’m not purposely trying to neglect my site, but sometimes life just comes first.

Anyways, with Thanksgiving coming up at my house this year I wanted to come up with a fun little turkey hand towel for my kitchen. Last year I made a cute Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath, so this year I decided to turn to kitchen decor.

It’s no big secret I’m not an avid sewer and I received some free Aleene’s products a few weeks ago for my Easy Birthday Frame that I showed you guys, so I thought I’d take the Aleene’s no sew stitching and try it out on my towel. It’s permanent and doesn’t require anything other than firmly pressing it down, so I figured I would see how effective it was.

Here’s what you need for this project:
Hand Towel (I got mine from JoAnn’s because they are crisper and easier to stencil)
Martha Stewart Stencils
Paint Brush
Painter’s Tape
Aleene’s Peel and Stick Tape

I started by washing and drying my towel, then ironing it (even thought there’s this PERMA-crease in them that I can’t seem to iron or wash out).

From there I took my brown paint and houndstooth stencil and stenciled the band on the towel slowly and gently.

While my paint was drying on the band, I went ahead and cut my first feather template for the turkey. You’ll need 2 of two colors and three of one color. So in this case I had three golds, two reds, and two tans. I used those colors only because that’s what I had in my craft room.

Then you’ll want to apply the Peel and Stick tape onto them, but leave the “peels” on them until you’re ready to place. If they didn’t cover right I’d add a little more and trim some off the sides so I got good overage.

I even put the Stick and Peel on the back of my “poofs” to see how it would do.

After I practiced my layout a few times I peeled it off the back of the first center feather and started applying. This stuff is no joke guys, I tried to peel it off at one point and it was on there good. It’s permanent and said to be washable.

From there I applied my feathers and turkey body and my towel was DONE! And so cute and easy to boot! And then it made it’s debut on my stove…which is surprisingly difficult to photograph without getting yourself or your knee in the photo!

So there you have it…an easy No Sew Stenciled Turkey Towel from my home to yours. I have another towel to do on my list this week…ideas?!

What Thanksgiving projects are you guys currently working on?! Send me the links in comments, I’d love to feature your project on my site.

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