Mason Jar Football Cutlery Holder- Football Tailgating Ideas

This week we’re back with another awesome blog hop with some of my favorite bloggers! This month we decided our theme should be FOOTBALL! With college football and NFL starting up this week, it seemed the perfect fit and we all set off to work hard on our projects. Today I’m sharing with you a Mason Jar Football Cutlery holder…and then below you’ll see 10 other ideas from my friends!

football cutlery holderWhenever I host parties, I tend to like putting my silverware and cutlery in mason jars for my guests. I have a pretty large collection of mason jars to be used for favors, drinks/cups, cutlery holders, vases, and more. So when I started thinking about football and tailgate ideas I thought it would be really cute to dress up a typical mason jar with a little football touch to it!

Best part, this project cost me NOTHING because I had all my supplies on hand. And it took a matter of minutes to make!


Mason jar(s)

Brown glass paint (I used Martha Stewart brand)

White Frosted Glass Writer (Americana brand)

Ribbon in your choice of color!

Paint brush/painting surface

mason jar football must havesYou start with you items and by painting your mason jar. I only used one coat, but you could use two if you’d like more coverage.

paint your mason jar brownAfter your glass has been painted and has dried (can take a few hours) I simply drew a straight line down the measuring side of the Mason Jar…and I used the already in place horizontal markings for the guidelines of my football laces.

add white stripes on jarI allowed the white to dry for about an hour and then I tried my ribbon around the top to add a bit of girlishness to it.

Add your cutlery/silverware/flowers/favors, etc. and TADA! You have yourself a cute little mason jar football.

Mason Jar Football Cutlery HolderDid you like this tutorial? Check out my other blogging friends’ tutorials below…they all have some other pretty awesome football ideas! Next month we’ll be back with some Halloween themed ideas for all of you! xoxo

Click on the photo below to be taken to each individual blogger’s project.

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  1. Sunshine says

    What if you painted this on to a wine glass…
    Would you have to seal it lbefore you could
    Drink out of it? If so, what would you use?

    • Abbey says

      There are different glass paints that will tell you whether they are safe to eat and drink off of. If nothing else, if you decided to paint a wine glass, maybe try not to put paint where you’ll be drinking from OR make sure the paints are safe for eating/drinking uses.


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