Martha Stewart Paintable Clings Lamp

martha stewart paintable clings lamp from thecardswedrew

martha stewart paintable clings lamp from thecardswedrew

I have a secret love of anything Martha Stewart. Her products just make me happy in all their fresh colors and new ideas. Recently I had the opportunity to try out Martha Stewart glass painting program and I’m a new believer. I love how simple and customized you can make them and the wonderful thing is that you can remove them and change them up when you want change! Check out how they work…

martha stewart crafts

What you need:

Martha Stewart Crafts Paintable Clings (found at Michael’s)

Martha Stewart Liquid Fill Paint

Glass or object you want to put clings on (I used a glass Ikea lamp that I had)

martha stewart paintable clings

I started by washing my lamp off and getting it finger print free. They suggest rubbing alcohol, but I didn’t have any, so I wiped it down with Windex. From there I started using my paint to fill my clings. My house has lots of reds and yellows and greens in it, so I wanted to mainly stick with those shades for the flower clings.

paintable clings

Painting the cling itself is fool proof. You gently squeeze the bottle and spread the paint around the cling filling it in completely. You’ll want to allow it a few hours to dry completely before you peel it off and stick it to your surface.

paintable clings on lamp

The clings are removed, so if you aren’t happy with the position of it, you can pull it off and try it again. I did have some issues getting the clings to lie perfectly evenly on my rounded surface, but it all worked out nicely in the end and the few little wrinkles that came in the clings actually made the flowers look more realistic and pretty (I think). I LOVE how they look on the lamp and add so much character with so little work!!

I tried to mix some of the colors a little bit too on some of the different flowers to give it a multi-dimensional look.

paintable clings lamp

close up of lamp

There are so many different ways to use these products…I just love the possibilities that are there for changing the lamp up for different holidays, seasons, events, and more.

paintable cling lamp on desk

Here’s the lamp’s new little home…I think I’m in love. My next step will be to dress up the shade a bit more, but I can’t decide what to do with it just yet!

paintable flower lamp

paintable flowers on lamp

I had so much fun trying these new clings out. They can be found at Michael’s Craft Stores or you can visit Plaid online for more information:

Plaid Crafts on Facebook

Plaid on Pinterest

Martha Stewart Crafts on Pinterest


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  1. Beautiful!! The Martha Stewart line always comes up with such great products. Love the way you painted your lamp. I also love the look of your blog. Thanks for sharing!


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