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How many hats do you wear daily? I’m a mother, wife, blogger, loan officer, crafter…cleaner/cooker/caregiver…I could go on and I bet all of you could too. It’s HARD juggling everything sometimes, so when I get little shortcuts offered to me in my life, I take them. My weekends are filled with hugs and kisses for my little one…grocery shopping and cooking…blogging and creating…and MAN…there are days when I JUST NEED A BREAK. I need SOMETHING to be easy!

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Years ago I swore I’d NEVER pay for Internet on my phone…I couldn’t understand what the point was. Then I broke down and got it and I’ll never go back. Apps make my life so much easier. I use store coupons through apps, check out sales through apps, BANK and deposit checks through apps, and now I fill my prescription refills through apps. No matter how small it is–it’s relieving to know that technology is making it easier on us moms so we can skip that extra trip to the store or that wait at the pharmacy.

Walgreens has a great mobile app now where you can scan in the bar code on your prescription and it sends it to the pharmacy of your choice and you choose the date and time you’ll pick it up. No more phoning it in, no more waiting in line at the pharmacy. I do it on MY time now! Just another way I can do things more conveniently from my phone…and it saves me moments like this with my little guy sick of running errands…

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{We all know this look…this OH DEAR LORD, MOM, LET ME GO HOME AND PLAY look}

So I’m hear to share with you today that the Walgreens Pharmacy and Walgreens Mobile App have really helped speed at least one aspect of my life up…it’s so simple, but saves me that wait at the pharmacy and I get our prescriptions on MY time.

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The app is so easy to use…(first screen shot on left) shows all the different things you can do and manage from your app and the second (right) screen shot shows the prescription refill scan area…you just scan your prescription into the system and voila (I blocked out the barcode for my own protection)! You can view my Google Plus album to see more about my Walgreens experience.

prescription refill scanning

The other cool thing about this app is that you can manage your Walgreens Balance Rewards using your Rewards card. Do you have a Walgreens Rewards card? I already did, but now I can manage my points on my app.



Again, you just scan your card, register it, and you can keep all your Walgreens related items there on the app in one place. #HappyHealthy

This app has really helped me out, I no longer have to sit in line at the pharmacy for my refills or try to keep my three year old at bay for our errands. It really is nice to have technology and options out there for working moms like all of us, whether you work full time, work from home, or are a SAHM…it’s hard to find time sometimes and getting a little break from retailers really helps! So take advantage of these new apps!

You can find Walgreens by visiting:




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    Your little guy is such a cutie! I agree- anything that makes life just a little bit easier is awesome! We moms need all the help we can get!

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