Jalapeno Cheese Tortilla Rollup Recipe

Are you cool as a cucumber this holiday season or stressed out and frantic? I’m somewhere in between with getting my home ready, getting Christmas presents purchased, and getting my cooking and baking done for holiday celebrations. We have a Target store just down the street from our house and I always appreciate being able to run in and grab some presents, as well as grab the items I need to bake or cook for work or for a Christmas party. And right now, Target has some great specials on Kraft products to create a little help for the holidays and I plan to show you easy ways to use some of their sale items to create this quick Jalapeno Cheese Tortilla Rollup appetizer and non-alcoholic drink.

Jalapeno Cheese Tortilla Rollups from The Cards We Drew using Kraft cheese

By heading to Target and purchasing the items I needed for my appetizer and drink I took advantage in up to $20 in savings on select Kraft products for your holiday cooking and entertaining.

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