Ladies Craft Party

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In April, after attending SNAP with my friend, Jenny, we decided that we really needed to get a fun group of ladies together and plan a craft party. We spent some time trying to think up what we would do, who we would invite, and so on. We nailed down the date and it seemed like the date was sneaking up on us more quickly than we expected, so we didn’t end up mailing out invitations, we did an evite *gasp* and invited a small group of friends to the event. It turned out GREAT and we had such a good time and I cannot wait to do another one now! Here’s some photos from the event yesterday!

 We kept the food fairly simple since it was a mid-afternoon party, so we did strawberry lemon sangria and tea to drink and then buffalo chicken bites, cucumber sandwiches, and chips and salsa for appetizers. For dessert, the wonderful people of Velata gave us a warmer and some chocolate to try out, so we made banana split skewers (strawberries, pineapples, and bananas) to dip, along with strawberry marshmallows, rice crispy treats, and cherries. We also served mini strawberry lemon cheesecake bites for dessert. It was the perfect amount of food and all the items were really light and refreshing.

 I found some Pier One pinwheel skewers I had from a few years ago in my cupboard unopened, so they made the perfect things to use for our banana splits on a stick.

 These strawberry lemon cheesecake bites were so delicious and were actually semi-good for you too!

 The cucumber sandwiches were a really fresh treat with hummus, tomato, sugar snap peas, and basil on them. They were perfect summer afternoon snack! 🙂

 I used the Milk Chocolate Carmel in my Velata warmer and it was AMAZING with all of our dippable treats. Everyone really loved the Velata warmer and it was really the perfect accessory for our party.

 Mason jars with paper straws were set out for guests. Each guest had a different colored straw to tell which drink was theirs.

 The strawberry lemon sangria was definitely a party hit. It was SO light and had such a good taste, I definitely recommend trying out this recipe if you’re a sangria fan.

 In our living room, we set up our crafting supplies table. Since were asked our guests to bring a Poppy Seed Project and paint of their choice with them, we thought it would be fun to make some “make and takes” for them to go home with, so we set out all of our supplies to choose from.

 One of the make and takes we did was a scrapbooking idea where we made ice cream cone cards using buttons. They turned out DARLING and everyone had a good time choosing their paper and embellishments.

Aren’t they so cute?!

Here’s all of our cards on the background of my Poppy Seed Project I was working on.

This was my little ice cream cone card!

 We also made little flowers with scrap fabric and pins to make embellishments for handbags or a pin for your shirt.

Here’s my flower!

 We also made another fun make and take using my new Sugar Scrub recipe and making our own tags for it. Afterwards, we started working on our Poppy Seed Projects.

 Overall, I think all the girls had a really great time…I know I did. We hope that we can do this again soon with another fun project to make.

We weren’t all able to finish our projects because of drying times, so hopefully later this week I can share all our creations with you guys.

ALSO, stay tuned because later this week I’ll be giving away a Velata for you to enter to win! They are SO great for parties like this, so don’t miss out this chance!

5 thoughts on “Ladies Craft Party

  1. I have been wanting to have a party like this so bad! I think you may have inspired me. I like how you asked everyone to bring a poppy seed project… I was a little up in the air about the craft part!

  2. I would LOVE to do a party like this. I know one of my friends really likes fondue and crafting, so if we can find a few more girls to join in, it would be great.

    Lauren from All Grown Up Parties

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