Ideas for Kids for When the Lights Go Out with Duracell

Ideas for Kids for When the Lights Go Out #PrepWithPower #shop

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Living in Central Ohio, we have had our fair share of bad storms over the years. It seems that at least once a year for the past few years we have experienced very bad windstorms that take down houses, power lines, trees, and more. Last year we had such a bad storm that it took a matter of days for the electric company to get the power back on. We had a neighbors trampoline from nearly 10 houses down land in our backyard!! After our experiences with several bad storms and a young child (now childREN) I finally realized that we need to be more prepared! So I put together this list of ideas for kids for when the lights go out! First up on the list and the MOST important item to have at all times...Duracell Batteries. You can find coupons for Duracell HERE.

Ideas for Kids for When the Lights Go Out #PrepWithPower #shop

The last time the power went out for that extended period of time a few years ago we found ourselves lacking snacks (we already needed to get groceries), being prepared with enough light sources, and most importantly we were lacking ideas to keep our THEN 2 1/2 year old occupied for days without power. Our son didn’t understand why we couldn’t watch a movie as we often do on the weekend evenings. And because it was summer, the heat and humidity were SO terribly hot in the upstairs of our home that we chose to make a large pallet on the floor with lots of blankets, open up the back slider door and sleep with the breeze coming in. It wasn’t ideal, but our son LOVED the whole process and playing with the flashlight!

pallet on the floor

I actually look back at this photo laughing because our living room looks completely different now 😉 But I digress.

We learned after that experience that it’s about time we have some things ready for the summer storms certain to happen this year, so I put together this little “kit” with things to do when the power goes out…IF it goes out this year. Get Duracell batteries for your storm supply

We picked up a large variety of Duracell Coppertop batteries for our kit because if we were without power again for any extended period of time we’d need batteries for flashlights and other items more than anything else.

snacks for a storm

The next thing I grabbed up were some snacks. As a kid, I can specifically remember an evening when we had a terrible storm and to keep our mind off it my parents had some fun snacks, chips, and stuff…brought out the flashlights and we read the Boxcar Kids series while cozying up on the pullout couch.

Speaking of books…I picked up some fun books to read to the kids. We have a few “Look and Find” books to find things with the flashlights, as well as a few longer story books to hold their attention longer.

look and find story books for storms

Next up, we picked up a fun Crayola toy that uses AA batteries. Our son LOVES to color, so this would let him have some fun coloring things in the dark or playing a makeshift version of family pictionary!

dry erase light up board with duracell batteries

Finally, we picked up a lantern and some D batteries to power it. Flashlights are great, but you have to hold them in the right direction all the time, so we opted for a lantern to diffuse light all around the room rather than just in one direction!

lantern for emergency preparedness

I coupled all of that with a few bottles of water and a handmade fleece tie blanket (tutorial HERE) and we’re officially ready for if a storm hits this summer. Obviously, this list isn’t meant to cover emergency situations or be for a huge extended period of time, but it’s a good way to try to ease any fears your children may have about the storm and have a little fun outside the box!!

So head off to Walmart to pick up some goodies for your very own “When the Lights Go Out” kit!! The batteries are kept near the electronics department in what they call the “Battery Center”.

battery center at walmartI hope this gives you ideas to be a little more prepared for the summer storms that inevitably roll through each summer. This won’t help you in an emergency situation per se, but it gives you some fun things to do with your kids. Enjoy and be safe braving those summer storms!


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  1. Looks like you are all set for the next summer storm (if you have one)! Using a battery powered lantern is definitely a must for us. And that light up dry erase board would certainly keep my children busy creating and not worried about the storm. Thanks for sharing! #client

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