How to Create a Faux Etched Glass Look Using Vinyl

How to Create a Faux Etched Glass Look using Vinyl from The Cards We Drew

I was provided free vinyl for this post from Expressions Vinyl, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Today I’m THRILLED to be sharing with you a fun Blog Hop filled with amazing vinyl project ideas!! For me, I often get pigeon-holed into thinking that 1. vinyl is to be used for a cutting machine and 2. vinyl has to be used for obvious things like t-shirts and bags. Both untrue. If you don’t have a cutting machine, that doesn’t mean you can’t use vinyl! It just means you may be a tiny bit more constrained with your cutouts, but that’s ok!! So today I challenged myself to create something WITHOUT a cutting machine and that can easily be done in a matter of minutes!! See how to create a faux etched glass look using vinyl…no mess! no dry time! no cleanup! make it in minutes!!!

DOZENS of Expressions Vinyl Project Ideas from top bloggers!

Supplies needed:

Expressions Vinyl Etched Glass Vinyl in Blue and Green

Butterfly Hole Punch (affiliate)

Glass jar or vase (affiliate)

Etched Glass Vinyl Project

How to:

1. Start by punching out about 6-8 butterflies out of the etched vinyl in each color and set them aside. You can use any punch for this craft!!

vinyl etched glass butterflies

2. Start with a freshly cleaned glass jar and peel the backing off the vinyl and stick onto the jar. If you have intricate designs, you may need to use vinyl transfer paper, but in this case you don’t need that step. Apply the butterflies in a random pattern all over the jar sealing down all the edges with your fingers.

faux etched glass jar

And that’s it. No more steps!! Two simple steps. No waiting for the etching cream to dry then wiping it off. No messes. no bleeding of the etching cream under your stencil. Just a simple project that can be completely taken apart when you get sick of it and replaced with something else!! Done in minutes!

Want more vinyl project ideas?? {You do!}

Check out what my friends have to offer and be sure to stop by Expressions Vinyl for all your vinyl needs!!!


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