Gold Arrow Easter Eggs

gold arrow easter eggs 2 edited

If you need a quick and easy and TRENDY Easter Egg idea…I have it for you. I thought it would be fun to make gold arrow Easter eggs as a quick and easy Easter idea that’s very on trend with the gold metallics that are so popular right now, as well as the arrow themes that people really like too!

gold arrow easter eggs 2 editedThese eggs are easy to make. Take basic plastic Easter eggs…I used some I already had at home from last year. From there, I used my cutting machine to cut out a variety of arrows on vinyl. You could also cut them out yourself or buy stickers.

easter eggs with vinyl on them 1After the vinyl is applied, I used a can of gold spray paint and gently sprayed all my eggs. You’ll likely need to do several light coats of paint to get even coverage. Once they’re sprayed and dried, I removed the vinyl to reveal my pretty new eggs!

gold easter eggs the cards we drew editedI love how they turned out and if you mess up a bit or the spray paint gets under the vinyl, just use your fingernail to gently fix it. And as my son declared, “Those are SO pretty, Mommy! The bunny is gonna love them!”

gold arrow easter eggs upright 2I think it would be kind of fun to use the arrows to direct kids in the general vicinity of their next egg!

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