Eating Healthy in 2013 with Diet-to-Go

Whether you guys know this or not, I’m a full time working mommy and sometimes finding time to work, be a mom, be a blogger, as well as work out and eat healthy can be extremely challenging–if not impossible. And we all know what takes the biggest hit in that list–the working out and and healthy eating.

Like many people, one goal for 2013 is to live a healthier lifestyle and make more time for exercise and diet in my life. We have plenty of ways to work out from home, but what we lack mostly is the will power and time to devote to working out and making a healthy meal on a regular basis. My husband has the metabolism of a 16 year old, so dieting isn’t really something he’s concerned with…so I find myself making and eating meals with way more calories than I should be eating when I want to lose weight. I imagine many moms have a similar struggle with how to eat healthy when your family around you doesn’t have to calorie count or watch everything they eat.

I recently had the opportunity to try out Diet-to-Go, a diet delivery service. I’m one of those people that LOVE trying out new diets, so I was REALLY excited when my meals showed up on my doorstep in a big cooler packed with ice bags. But with any diet delivery type company, you worry that the food quality isn’t going to be everything they say it will be. Will the food be bland? Will it taste over processed? Will it taste stale or lack freshness?

I started looking through the three lunches and three dinners they sent me to try out…they even have breakfast if you want to try that out too! Today for lunch I had a great penne pasta with turkey meat sauce along with carrots and pea pods….and I can honestly say…it was good! The food was fresh, the veggies were crisp, and I really enjoyed the pasta. I finished my meal feeling pleasantly full, but without that stuffed lethargic feeling I often feel after eating an unhealthy lunch.

Diet-to-Go definitely met and exceeded my expectations when it came to the food and there are so many great options to try out.

Diet-to-Go is not only tasty, but it’s the least expensive fresh diet delivery service on the market (doesn’t compare to NutriSystem because they don’t ship fresh meals, they ship meals that don’t have to be refrigerated). They were even recently rated #1 diet delivery company by Epicurious!! There are no cancellation fees or gimmick pricing. There is no commitment or contract, and they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I liked that they had three unique menus available, low-fat, vegetarian & low-carb, and 20 plans to choose from. I chose the low-fat option and enjoyed meals such as a Szechuan Turkey Burger with a multi grain roll and carrot and beet salad, as well as a Chicken Pizza with broccoli, cheese wedge and crackers. Pictured is the mushroom ravioli with fresh veggies and the turkey chili with pasta and cornbread muffin! Delish.

The nice thing about Diet-to-Go is the even with a busy life, Diet-to-Go can make meeting my healthy eating and weight loss goal attainable without all the hard work and without sacrificing freshness and quality food. These aren’t meals you’ll find in the frozen food aisle, they are quality meals that will help you with that healthy style you hope to achieve.

With the New Year starting off, Diet-to-Go is hosting their 1,000 meal giveaway through their Facebook page. I’ve already entered and have my fingers crossed to win! Additionally, they are offering 25% off a meal plan from 1/1/13 through 1/8/13 using code NewYear2013

I would definitely suggest checking out Diet-to-Go if you’re looking to start a healthier lifestyle this year or are looking to lose weight. You can find Diet-to-Go online, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

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