Easy Black Bean Jalapeno Corn Side Dish

Black Bean Jalapeno Corn Side Dish from The Cards We Drew

This year was the first year that we did a mini-Thanksgiving with my inlaws in Texas before the real Thanksgiving Day. Usually we are in town after Christmas, but we made it in mid-November and enjoyed a nice weekend with everyone. What’s interesting about celebrating a holiday with another side of the family is seeing the difference in food and side dishes at a holiday that we don’t necessarily have when we celebrate in Ohio. Being that my husband’s family are all down south and all my family is up north, you can imagine some of the fun options in food that I’ve become acquainted to over the years. For example, this Thanksgiving my sister in law made an awesome corn side dish that I made and modified to share with you today…behold my Black Bean Jalapeno Corn Side Dish!

Black Bean Jalapeno Corn Side Dish from The Cards We DrewMy sister in law made this recipe without the black beans, but in an effort to add some more protein to the dish, I added some black beans and it turned out great! So if black beans aren’t your thing, then just leave them out and you’ll enjoy this recipe just as much!

What you need for this recipe:

2 cans of corn

1 stick of butter

1 8 oz. bar of cream cheese

1 small can of diced green jalapenos

1 can of black beans

How to:

Oh this is so easy…open all the above ingredients, mix them into a saucepan on the stovetop and mix well until the cream cheese and butter are melted. Serve warm!

black bean corn side dishIt’s a nice, creamy side dish perfect for a winter day. I’m making mine today with some shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches and honestly, I can’t wait til dinner!

Black bean corn jalapeno side dishSometimes it’s nice to see easy side dish ideas, so I hope this gives you some extra ideas for your meal planning! Enjoy!

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