Drier Nights with GoodNites Bedtime Underwear

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I always have to laugh when I get together with a group of girl friends, ladies I’ve known for years…some since grade school, high school, and college…and we start chatting about our lives and jobs and inevitably…we land on potty training woes (it’s like…you know you’re a mother if…). How many of you have had that “Well, my Johnny…” conversation where Good Friend A’s child is completely potty trained, while Good Friend B’s child is SO far from it…and me? Well, I’m somewhere in between with my son.

See my sweet boy…he KNOWS that he should poop and pee in the potty. And if you ask him about it, he’ll very surely tell you that yes, BIG boys poop and pee in the potty and that they don’t wear “diapers” anymore…but then an hour later, he’s coming to me with an accident. And making him SIT on the potty to go #2 usually starts like this….

potty training a boy

And ends in tears because he swears it hurts (but we both know it doesn’t).

Potty training…it sucks. It’s frustrating and we’ll take three steps forward and four steps back in any given week. We’ve bribed, threatened, celebrated, pouted, and more…but our son’s just not there yet. He’s ALL set during the day at school, I think peer pressure really plays a part in that. He even takes naps at school and stays dry, but with us…it’s different. He’s just too lazy sometimes I think to use the bathroom.

THEN THERE’S NIGHT TIME. Oh Sweet Jesus, night time is frustrating for me and I really don’t blame it on him. We’ve been using “another” brand for some time now and they’ve been failing us MISERABLY.

Like…I did three loads of laundry last week miserably because he wet the bed EVERY.NIGHT. with “that” brand on. It’s infuriating. We make him pee before bed, cut off liquids early, and yet…still sopping wet in the morning. And then he’s usually upset when he wakes up too.

So I was pretty excited to try these GoodNites Underwear from Target to see if they did better.

GoodNites Bedtime Underwear

I immediately noticed with the GoodNites that they seemed to provide more coverage. They go pretty high up on the waist and they seem better fitting then the others we’ve been using lately. They are SUPER absorbent and they fit very comfortably on my son, he didn’t seem to be bothered by the change at all.

potty training at the cards we drew

He was excited to try new bedtime underwear and we’re really pleased with the results so far. The accidents at night are no longer an issue and I love that because it saves me time and energy doing laundry.

goodnites underwear from target

happy accident free boy with goodnite underwear

And at the start of the morning it’s really nice to have him wake up and be dry and well rested…with the help of his new underwear. And as a mother, even if he isn’t quite there with the potty training yet at least I’m not having to do TONS of laundry each day in the process of trying to fix that issue. Gotta celebrate the small things, right?

If you’re a frustrated potty training momma in need of a new product to try out…you can start by trying Target’s GoodNite Underwear or Bed Mats with this coupon for $1.50 off!

So tell me, what are YOUR potty training secrets and suggestions?! I’m all ears!




  1. says

    Potty training secrets: donts: don’t nag, don’t compare, don’t push, don’t rush.
    Wait for the kid to be ready
    wait patiently until he’s ready and he wants to be potty trained
    to make the being ready time come faster: buy potty training happy books and subtly place them within the child reach, invite potty trained kids for play dates and be sure to give them plenty of drinks, let them show off their potty skills; art,
    If the desire to start using the potty, doesn’t arise after this, don’t bother to impose it, instead keep the subtle hints coming.

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