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If you recall, I’m in the middle of updating my den/office (technically my formal dining room). Last week my husband and I repainted the room, which made the room look so much brighter and more updated, but we still have a ways to go.

These last few weeks, I have spent some time slowly stenciling curtains for this space. WHY in the world, you might ask, would you stencil curtains? Why not just buy them from a store…or find fabric and hand make them? Well, I’ll tell you why…1. I’m a TERRIBLE seamstress and sewing curtains just wasn’t something I was interested in doing 2. I didn’t want to pay $30/yard for fabric that I liked for these windows. Either I found really expensive fabric in the right color…or fabric that was in my price range in the right design, but wrong color.

So stenciling your OWN curtains is a fabulous way to find a design/pattern you like and have the opportunity to use ANY color your heart desires! So I hooked up with my friends at Royal Design Studio, picked out this Chain Link stencil and got started on my DIY Stenciled Curtains.

My personal tips for stenciling curtains:

  • Take your time. You won’t get these done in a day (well, you might, but it will be a long day). Set aside a space where you can work on the stenciling, let it fully dry, then move onto the next. These are CURTAINS we are talking about…you can’t just repaint them like you can a wall and fix your mistake. There is ZERO room for error.
  • Offload your brush. Less is more when stenciling. Add some paint to your brush, dab it on a paperplate, and then dab at your stencil being careful not to let the bristles lift the stencil up (trust me, I know that it happens if you’re not careful).
  • Wash and dry your stencil after each use. I do this to ensure that my curtains turn out the best they can. I simply hose my stencil down outside after each use and then dry it off. Some of the paint does stick to it, but I don’t worry about that.
  • Iron your curtains prior to stenciling. Enough said.
  • Make sure the surface you’re stenciling on is clean. I swept and then steam mopped my basement floor before I stenciled my curtains.
  • Lastly…don’t get upset if they are not “perfect”. I’m not gonna lie. My curtains are not perfect. I messed up…in several spots. Standing back and looking at them you can’t tell, but you can see some imperfections in the painting. It happens and it’s the risk of DIYing something. If you want that “perfect” fabric look…you’re probably better off purchasing the $30/yard fabric you’ve been eyeing.

What you need to stencil curtains:

  • Stencil from Royal Design Studios
  • 2 1/2″ Stencil brush from Royal Design Studios
  • Curtains from Ikea ($24.99)
  • Adhesive spray
  • Paint and a lot of it…I used 10-12 bottles of Martha Stewart acrylic paint (color is Deep Sea)
  • Fabric Medium (Martha Stewart Brand is what I used)
  • Paper plates or something for your paint
  • Damp rag on hand in case you get paint on your hard floor–you’ll thank me later
  • A brush to mix your paint and fabric medium (the stencil brush really eats paint, so you don’t want to use this to mix your paint and have tons of paint in your brush when beginning stenciling)


After you have washed and ironed your curtains and cleaned your hard stenciling surface (I stenciled in my basement) then you can get started!

1. Tape off your curtains so they are taut, but not stretched out. You don’t want them moving while you’re stenciling.

2. Spray your stencil with light adhesive spray to prevent it from moving while stenciling.
3. Position the stencil so that the Royal Design Studios logo lines up according to the instructions that come with your stencil.
4. Once lined up evenly across the top of your curtain panel, then you mix your paint and fabric medium according to instructions, ready your brush, and start stenciling. I used a paper plate to hold my paint and I dab a little bit of paint onto the brush, off load it onto the plate a little bit, and then apply to curtain by dabbing over stenciled area.  Be careful not to get the brush bristles under the stencil while applying. After completing your painting, pull the stencil off to let dry. I wait about 10-15 minutes for drying time.
5. After one stenciled panel is done, line the next up and start all over. I do rinse my stencil off after each use, but I don’t bother scraping off any paint that has already dried on it. This curtain panel took 4 stencils down and 3 across with some additional small stenciling on the sides and across the top to give it a finished look. It does take a considerable amount of time to do. Plan on about 2 days of stenciling for each panel if you’re taking your time, allowing each one to dry, and have kids (tee hee hee).
6. When done stenciling, I ironed my curtains to help seal in the paint (I ironed the opposite unpainted side of the curtain to be safe) and then I hung them up and used Stitch Witchery to “hem” them.
We also hung plantation blinds in the windows to add some masculinity to the whole room. Here’s the room BEFORE:
We started with this room…dark green walls, cream color layered curtains…and no organization or style.
We repainted to this room…poor lighting of what the actual color looks like (I promise it’s not peachy pink LOL), but a good shot of the bare windows.

We ended with this….

So after all that time on my hands and knees on the hard basement floor…I’m finished and in love with my new den. We obviously have some work to do on the furnishings and decor, but the bones of the room are done now. To recap, we repainted, put up new curtains and blinds, and raised up the curtain rod much higher to the ceiling.
Royal Design Studio’s stencil was so easy to work with and I am so pleased with my new DIY curtains! Would you like the chance to win your own stencil to try out?!?!?!? Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Dislaimer: Royal Design Studio did provide me with a free stencil and brush to use as  part of my review; however, all opinions expressed are my own. Winner of the stencil must reside within the U.S.

58 thoughts on “DIY Stenciled Curtains & Royal Design Giveaway

  1. Those look great! I’ve been wanting to do the same thing! I can’t choose just one favorite. If I won I would either choose the Tiger Stripes or Deco Demask stencil. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Ive been wanting to stencil my curtains and already bought them from Ikea too!I have just been waiting to find the right stencil(which Royal Studio has), with the right price! I would love their Large Marrakesh Trellis Moroccan Stencil bevause it would go perfect with my dining room decor!

  3. Omgoodness! Love the curtains! I think if I were to choose my own stencil I would have a hard time picking one, that’s why I would pick two! I love the Casablanca Trellis and Endless Circles Lattice Stencils in the Moroccan series. 🙂 so many projects I could do with those two!

  4. These look great Abbey! I can’t believe how much paint they took! I envy the amount of patience you must have had to complete this. They really do make a huge impact in the room though. Thanks so much for coming out to the party at Clean and Scentsible. I’ll be featuring these on the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your week!

  5. These turned out just gorgeous. I had to laugh when I saw the thumbnail for this post on TT&J because I just spent part of my afternoon doing the same exact thing–a similar stencil on a white tablecloth to turn into curtains. I started out using fabric spray paint, which was a fail:( Ended up using Martha Stewart paint, which worked good:)

  6. I would not have thought to do this myself. I’ve been looking and searching for something suitable for the den that has a plaid couch. I think I like the Oriental floral vine stencil. Oh the possibilities now! YOu did great work on your curtains..they are so right for the room!

  7. First, your curtains are fabulous!!! Second, ANY of the Modern Stencils would be a dream for me! I’m partial to Chevron but there are quite a few others that are Lovely!!!

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