DIY Halloween Party Serving Set

In my household, carving pumpkins is always a special night. Growing up I can remember getting donuts, apple cider, and carving pumpkins with my family and my husband and I have always carried that tradition on even before we had our son. So I had the idea to take a cheap clearance tray and mugs and make them over into a Halloween Party Serving Set using Martha Stewart Crafts and I’m going to show you today just what I did!

First of all…I got all these lovely Martha Stewart products in the mail to decide what to make with them!!!

She has some amazing products out right now! I think my favorites had to be the doily stencils though. They were so pretty and dainty!

What I Used for this Project:
Mugs x 6 (mine are Target clearance mugs for $1.78 a piece)
Platter (clearance for $2.99)
Tray (clearance for $4.99)
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Paint in black and orange
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Chalkboard Paint
Martha Stewart Crafts™ adhesive holiday stencils (46 designs per pack)
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Glass Adhesive Stencils – Condensed Sans Alphabet (68 designs per pack)
Martha Stewart Crafts™ Paper Stencils (52 designs per pack)

Here’s my starting photo of the mugs and tray. Plain Jane…very run of the mill.

1. Start by washing all your mugs and platter very well before painting

2. I started by putting my first coat of chalkboard paint onto my tray so it had adequate time to dry before my next coat. I did three total coats of paint on my chalkboard tray.

The tray after one coat. It will look a little streaky even after three coats…so beware. But I actually like the texture the paint gives the tray.

After three coats of paint and drying over night. Before you write on it they suggest gently rubbing chalk over the whole thing then wiping it off to condition the tray.

After it was all dry and conditioned, I used the Martha Stewart Crafts™ paper stencils to put a chevron pattern onto the tray. You could always set this tray out with a Trick or Treat note on it and a bowl of candy on Halloween if you’ll be out trick or treating with your kids.

3. Now that your tray is done move onto your mugs and platter…use the dotted stencil in the Martha Stewart Crafts™ alphabet adhesive stencils kit to put the dots on all your mugs. I used 5 dots for the short strands and 8 dots for the long strands.

This process of stenciling your mugs takes a while.


  • Work on one stencil at a time. Do all your dots on the mugs and let them dry before you go back and do the Halloween stencils.
  • Leave 0.8 inches from the top of the mug to where your dots start. The paint cannot be ingested. I left my dots lower on the mugs and high up on the platter so it didn’t come in contact with lips or food.
  • Have a wet rag or paper towel handy because you will smudge and get paint on other parts of the mug. It’s washable until baked, so just wipe it off if you mess up.
  • Wash your adhesive stencils every few uses…they get a little tacky with the paint otherwise and it will bleed through and not give you a nice crisp character.
4. After your stenciling is complete, turn your oven on 350 degrees, place your ceramics in there and bake for 30 minutes. Do not preheat, let them heat up gradually and cool off gradually. Leave them in the oven until the oven is cool. I actually baked my dotted mugs first, went back and stenciled them with the Halloween characters and then baked them a second time to set the characters in.

5. After baked let them cure for 72 hours before using. And that’s it! Enjoy your Halloween Party Set for your pumpkin carving night and some warm apple cider!

Hope you guys enjoyed my project! I can’t wait for pumpkin carving night now and getting to use my new Halloween serving set!


Check out Plaid crafts:

I wrote this post as part of a paid campaign with Plaid Crafts/Martha Stewart Crafts and Blueprint Social. I was compensated for this post and received free products, but the opinions in this post are my own. I heart Martha Stewart’s product line!

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    Super cute stuff, Abbey! I love that you make carving a special night. We need adopt that tradition with our kids! I needed 3 coats of the chalk paint for everything too. Hope you have a awesome Halloween! 😉

  2. says

    How cute! I love how great the mugs came out! Kudos to you, girl. I’m definitely attempting this! Thanks for sharing :)



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