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Jennifer from Brave New Home2I’m so thrilled to be popping over from Brave New Home today especially if it means Abbey gets to spend some extra quality time with her new little one. So thanks for having me here Abbey and so nice to meet everyone!DIY Faux Pull Down Map - Brave New HomeToday I’ll be sharing a little update to a world map that I already own. Previously, I just taped the map to the wall but I’ve been thinking on how to display the map a little more intentionally. So I created this faux pull down map look.materials for faux pull down mapI started with my map and some pieces of wood cut to the length of the map.making a line to keep map straightThen I made a mark with pencil along the top of each piece to make sure I adhered my map on straight. It’s easy to lose track of the big picture when you’re working with a map that’s nearly five feet glue gunning map to woodThen I used hot glue to adhere my map to the wood. This is the step where having a line drawn on the wood really helps guide your work.cutting map to sizeI trimmed a bit of the excess map for a clean finish.using string and eyelet hooksI screwed in two eye hook screws to the top piece of my map.combining three pieces of string into oneTo keep things in proportion, I combined three pieces of string into one. painted wood for nail headTo dress up the screw I would hang my map up from, I painted a wooden doll head I already had on hand a bright red color. painted nail head detailIt’s all in the details, right?completed faux pull down mapHere’s my finished faux pull down map. The map used to belong in my son’s room but since we just moved I’m not quite sure where it’ll be going just yet. But I love maps in general so I’m sure we’ll find a nice place for it.

Thanks again for having me over today, Abbey! Please be sure to come visit me at Brave New Home where I blog about overcoming decorating paralysis and transforming a house into a home. We just bought a ’60s ranch house so I have lots of great renovation and decoration projects in the works!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Faux Pull Down Map from Brave New Home

  1. Great job, Jennifer! You know I love a good map. Usually map decor involves destroying a map (boo, hiss), but this one really elevated it to the next level. I am so happy you shared it, and via a guest post, no less! I’ll be sharing my pull-down map madness in a few weeks on my blog. This is certainly a great addition to your new home.

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