DIY American Flag Frame

American Flag Frame using Cut It Out Frames

Last week I joined up with 100+ bloggers to create the Ultimate Round Up of Red White and Blue ideas…and this week I’m not done! I LOVE 4th of July and the Red, White and Blue color combination, so I was THRILLED with how this idea came together! I’m going to share with you how I made this DIY American Flag Frame with a cute unfinished frame from Cut It Out Frames.

American Flag Frame using Cut It Out Frames

This frame was SO fun and relatively easy to make! I started by ordering this 8×10 Chandler Frame from Cut It Out Frames. The frame is only $12.99 plus shipping, so it doesn’t break the bank!

Here’s what you need for this project:

Cut It Out Frame

White Spray Paint

Red and Blue Craft Paint

Paint Brushes

Washi or painters tape

Star stencil or hand draw stars on yourself

How To:

I started by spray painting the whole frame white. It provided a nice base layer for the frame and prevented me from having to hand paint the white stripes on.

painted white Cut It Out Frame

After the frame was sprayed white, I laid down a trash bag on my kitchen table and taped off the upper left corner of the frame to create the blue part of the “flag”.

paint upper left corner of frame with blue paint

I chose to use a navy blue paint, but you can always change it up and try a lighter shade of blue to add some whimsy to the frame. Once the blue part is painted and has dried I got started on taping off my stripes.

taped off frame

There’s probably a number of ways you can do this, but I HATE measuring things…so what I did was find a thicker washi tape and I used two rows of washi tape as my stripe width. So I started at the bottom and added row upon row of striped tape…then I pulled off every two stripes of tape and re-used them for the above stripes. It’s hard to explain, but here’s what I mean….

taped off frame

taping off the stripes on the flag

remove tape to create red and white stripesI laid washi tape down carefully over the frame and gently pulled up every two lines of tape each time. So essentially, I’d lay down six rows of washi tape and then remove the two middle rows when I was done. Hope that makes sense. It helped me get perfectly even rows when it was all said and done and NO measuring!!

paint stripes red

Once I was done taping everything off, I painted the red stripes onto the frame. Even though you have washi tape down, be sure not to paint into the grooves of where the tape meets otherwise you could get some bleed through.

add stars to the frame

After the stripes were on and tried, I finally took a Martha Stewart paper star stencil and stenciled on the small white stars in my blue area of the flag.

DIY American Flag Frame

Now I just need to find a photo for my frame! Since I always get my kids red white and blue outfits for our July 4th lake trip, I decided I’d take a beach photo of the kids in their attire next week to put in my frame.

Cut It Out Already DIY American Flag Frame

I LOVE how this frame turned out and can’t wait to update the frame each year with cute photos of my kids from the 4th. For more information about Cut It Out Frames visit them ONLINE and on FACEBOOK.

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