Cut It Out Wooden Letter Name Sign

Elise Sign from Cut It Out Letters

A few months ago I finished up my daughter’s nurseryI love how it turned out and it’s still the prettiest room in the house for sure.

Baby-Nursery-11But I really love personalized options for my kid’s room. So when I found these adorable letters from Cut It Out Frames I decided to create a little wall art using her name. I used six different fabrics for the bedding in the room and with the help of my friend at Tushies and Tantrums I created the perfect bedding set for her room!

Baby-Nursery-13When her bedding was done, I got online and ordered a bit of each fabric she used so I could use it for other projects as I saw fit…and it came in PERFECT for this sign!

Elise Sign from Cut It Out LettersThe letters all come unfinished. SO I spray painted all the letters white and then cut squares of the fabric and glued them onto the back of the letters to show through. Finally I spray painted a wood board from Lowe’s to be the back of the sign. I haven’t adhered them onto the wood yet because I can’t decide if I want them on the board or placed directly on the wall.

Cut It Out Wall Letter E

Cut It Out Letter L

Cut It Out Letter I

Cut It Out Letter S and EThe letters are perfect for her room…very whimsical and kind of circusy, but in a sophisticated way! You can get these letters for $5.99 each at Cut It Out and you can personalize them for your own space!

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