Cowboy Beans Recipe using the Wonderbag for Cooking

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Fall is the season where our meals as a family get heartier and we seem to start settling into our house and relaxing earlier. Being a working mom, I especially LOVE meals that I can start in the morning before work and are finished when I get home from work. Yes, I can use a crockpot, but there’s still that sense of uneasiness when I leave my house in the morning with an appliance plugged in, on high, and running.

Today I’m sharing with you a tasty recipe for Cowboy beans, but instead of making it in a crockpot, I’m sharing with you how I made it using my new Wonderbag.

Easy Cowboy Beans #Wonderbag #pmedia #ad

This recipe is SO easy and the Wonderbag makes it even easier!

What is a Wonderbag, you ask??

Well, I was introduced to the Wonderbag a few weeks ago and was so pleasantly surprised with what I received. The Wonderbag was created to help women in other countries be able to step away from cooking next to the fire and spend more time with their families both physically and also give them financial freedom to do so. Were you aware that most women living in third world countries spend 4-6 hours per day preparing their meals!? And I think 1-2 hours in the evening is bad!

The Wonderbag helps drastically reduce the amount of time spent cooking and tending to open fires. So all those hours that those women used to spend making meals are now freed up to do other things!

photo 1

How does the Wonderbag work??

wonderbag slow cooker

My Wonderbag came in this colorful blue pattern and it essentially acts like a slow cooker. You start by bringing your meal to a full boil depending on the recipe and type of meal you’re making (mine cooked for roughly 15 minutes on the stove) and from there you place your whole pot into your Wonderbag where it will continue cooking.

Because it is not on direct heat, it will never overcook or burn. Wonderbag is perfect for bringing delicious home cooked meals to potlucks, dinner parties, tailgating, or camping. It’s perfect for holidays when stove and counter space are at a premium.

See what I mean….

setting up my wonderbag

Once I received my Wonderbag I opened it up and fluffed it up. It’s surprisingly light and I loved the pattern on it.

The Wonderbag

The Wonderbag is two pieces, the main body of the bag itself and then the lid that fits over the top and gets held down with the bag’s drawstring. After your bag is ready to go, which will take all of a minute, I got my meal going and boiling. This Cowboy Beans recipe (at the bottom of the page) is so easy to make and is always a crowd pleaser. I started my meal in a stockpot on the stove and let it cook for about 15 minutes until it was in a steady boil.

boil your beans on the stove

Once the beans were boiling, I put them into my Wonderbag with the lid and all and then sealed the pot inside the bag. My family was over at my house and kept touching the outside of the bag expecting it to be hot, but it wasn’t. All the heat is trapped on the inside…and the best part? It will stay warm in that bag for up to 12 hours!

It works with 2-9 Quart pots with short handles and lid and metal and cast iron work best.

If you’re interested, here’s a short video that talks more about the Wonderbag. 

place your stock pot in the wonderbag

place the lid on your wonderbag

For my recipe, it really only has to cook a few hours to soften up the beans and the meat, it’s already completely cooked before you put it in the Wonderbag. It’s worthwhile to let it cook for a while though because it softens up the meat and makes it very tender…which is one of the better parts of the recipe.

The day I was making my dish was my son’s birthday both my large and small crockpots were already in use, so the Wonderbag allowed me to cook a THIRD part of my meal, freeing up more space on the stove top, as well. It really worked nicely in allowing me to cook for my family.

open it up a few hours later and your beans are fully cooked

I opened up my Wonderbag about four hours after I started cooking it and the Cowboy beans were still steaming hot and ready to go {see the steam as the proof!!}. They had cooked perfectly and the whole time I was saving on electricity and not having to worry about leaving my house with something on the stove or with the crock pot on.

Did you know approximately 20% of all staple food in Africa is burned due to the use of open fires and unregulated stove tops? With Wonderbag, no burning occurs, conserving valuable resources.

Can you imagine how this bag can empower women in other countries to step away from their daily duties of constantly cooking and give them the free time to do other things?! I feel like it helps me tremendously and I live in a modern society with everything I need, this bag could be life changing for women in third world countries.

Yummy Cowboy Beans Meal


The recipe is so easy for this dish…and very affordable too.

Cowboy Beans using the Wonderbag for Cooking

Cowboy Beans using the Wonderbag for Cooking


  • 2 cans of pork and beans
  • 1 can butter beans
  • 1 can pinto beans
  • 1 can kidney beans
  • 1 1/2 lbs. hamburger (or add 1/2 lb. sausage and 1 lb. hamburger if desired)
  • 1 cup ketchup
  • 1 cup brown sugar


  1. Brown meat and drain
  2. Mix together all ingredients and cook in Wonderbag or slow cooker for 6 hours.
  3. Add garlic powder if desired.

That evening for dinner we enjoyed some tasty Cowboy Beans and EVERYONE commented on how good they were–it’s almost like a sweet chili! For such an easy recipe, it’s great that it’s such a crowd pleaser!! So not only am I saving energy, creating an amazing meal, and doing it with peace of mind…but every Wonderbag purchase benefits women and families in other countries too and you can even get involved by donating a Wonderbag!

The Wonderbag is available for purchase on HERE and you can find more information about them on Facebook ,Twitter, and Instagram.

Happy cooking, friends!




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