Christmas 2011 is in the books

Hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family and support system and such a perfect little boy that made Christmas so exciting this year. This was Andrew’s first year that he was really aware of Christmas and Santa, so it was extra special to see him meet Santa and do “ho, ho, ho!! Merry Christmas”. He really enjoyed opening his presents and he got a lot of fun stuff to play with from Santa.

Here’s a few pictures from our holiday with some posts to follow this week showing some great handmade gifts I made for my parents.

 Do you notice the amazing photo quality? That’s because my loving husband got me the camera I’ve been lusting after for over a year now and would give my left pinky toe for…the Nikon D3100. I have NO idea how to use this camera just yet, but I’m learning how to do it and I got some amazing photos from Christmas. Check out some fun projects I’m going to be sharing with you this week!

 Bookpage Wreath
 Grandpa Present
Grandma Picture Frame
Hope your Christmas 2011 was a great one…gearing up for New Year’s Eve!! :)


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