Cereal-sly Glad We’re in the Same Class Valentine

cereal-sly valentine

I’ve been a bit lazy lately. Would you believe I actually went to the store and bought Super Hero Valentine’s and Goldfish packets for my son’s class Valentine party? Yeah. Me niether. I let him pick them out, feeling guilty the whole time. Why should I feel guilty though? I mean, I’m a working mom, I have tons of stuff to do, there’s nothing wrong with giving a 3 year old a store bought Valentine. Big deal. So I got them…last week.

Monday this week rolls around and I texted my husband,” I’m going to Target after work today to return those hero valentines. I feel guilty using those. I’m better than that. LOL” I mean, I’m a craft blogger/party planner for crying out loud! It’s like sacrilegious to NOT put together a handmade Valentine for my son’s class…so off to Target I went to find what I really wanted to do.

Andrew LOVES cereal, so I thought that a cereal themed Valentine would be perfect. I made a cute little tag for it and came up with this….

cereal-sly valentine

Oddly enough, I went to two stores and couldn’t find the little individual boxes of cereal! All they had were big bowls for $1.25 each, which I thought was a little steep for 26 three year olds. So I bought these boxed life cereal packets, glued spoons and tags on them, and called it a day. They’re cute, not as cute as I had envisioned, but still cute. 🙂

cereal valentine

The packs of cereal were $2.99 per box of five and then I bought the spoons for $1.99. They’re definitely more expensive than store bought, but they are cuter, homemade, and it’s not candy!!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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