Owl Leaf Wreath

fall leaf owl wreath

A few months ago I shared this Owl Leaf Wreath over at Darice and today I thought I'd share it with you guys in case you missed it!! Fall is officially here and one of my FAVORITE times of the year. I'm a wreath fanatic, so this year I thought I'd add a new wreath to the decor with this fun Fall Leaf Owl DIY wreath! My original idea was to cover the whole wreath in leaves, but after I got started with the first few against the straw, I thought it really looked pretty and festive with the straw wreath being the base for the design, so I decided less was more and went a different direction. This DIY wreath is simple to make! Fall … [Read more...]

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Game Idea

Ninja Turtle Training Game Party Idea  from The Cards We Drew

This post is sponsored by FloraCraft. All opinions are my own. We celebrated our son's 5th birthday this weekend and put on a really fun Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party for him. We wanted to come up with a fun game, so we made this Ninja Turtle Party Game Idea and did a DIY Turtle Training Station! The whole set up is really easy! Here's what you need: FloraCraft® Foam Head (at Michael's or JoAnn's) Black foam safe Spray Paint Material for masks FloraCraft Design It:® Simple Style Glitter Organza (Turquoise Glitter Dot, Silver Glitter Dot and Lt. Green Glitter Dot) Large wooden Popsicle sticks Hot Glue How … [Read more...]

DIY Engraved Cutting Board

DIY Engraved Cutting Board from The Cards We Drew

With so many weddings around this time of the year and spring, I start to try to think outside the box with wedding gifts. Being a crafter/DIYer, I try to think of USEFUL handmade gift ideas for my friends and family. So I got to thinking while at Ikea and picked up this inexpensive cutting board then headed home wondering how I could make use of it. You see those gorgeous fancy cutting boards personalized with monogramming and engraved names for sale online for $50-$100, why not be able to do it yourself!? Today I'm going to show you how I used the Dremel® Micro™8050 to make a DIY Engraved Cutting Board...a perfect gift for a friend or … [Read more...]

DIY Chalkboard Menu

chalkboard menu idea

I'm in the middle of reworking my kitchen command center and came across this new product from Hazel and Ruby Handmade...this Chalk Art Tool Kit is the perfect little tool to create fun and pretty chalkboard signs without learning fancy writing!! The kit comes in it's own box with chalk, pencil chalk, a chalk marker, and the tools needed to erase it all nicely. It even comes with it's own little chalkboard to decorate. So now I'm going to walk you through how I created this simply Chalkboard Menu. Using the Chalkboard Art Kits and a few of the stencil masks (like this and this), I created this little menu board to update weekly with … [Read more...]

Mini Frame Jewelry Holder

Mini Frame Chicken Wire Jewelry Holder from The Cards We Drew

We've been in our house nearly four years now and just about every room has been updated and redecorated since we moved in...with the exception of our bedroom. The thing is, I LOVE our bedroom. The previous owners had purple and fuchsia stripes in the bedroom that we painted over using a color that match Pottery Barn's Porcelain Blue color. So now that I'm working on some bedroom updates, I thought I'd share this fun little project that I made to help organize stuff that usually ends up on top of our dressers. Using an assortment of mini frames from Cut It Out, I created this mini frame jewelry holder with chicken wire to help me organize … [Read more...]

Rainbow Heart Cone Wreath

add cones to the wreath

I LOVE making wreathes and this one is no different! This Rainbow Heart Cone Wreath takes a bit of time to make, but patience prevails and a cute, whimsical wreath is created with just a few tools needed!! All you need for this wreath is the following: 3" Scalloped Punch Full of Heart Wrapping Paper from Hazel and Ruby Handmade Scissors Hot Glue Small Wreath Form (foam) How to: I start by punching out a bunch of 3" scalloped circles from the wrapping paper. This paper is much thicker than a standard wrapping paper, so don't let "wrapping paper" deter you as this is more paper like than a traditional Christmas … [Read more...]

Engagement Ring Holder


I'm SO excited to announce I'm a member of the Real Housemoms Creative Team! Each month I'll be sharing a craft idea with her readers and you guys and this month I shared this fun Engagement Ring Holder! Check it out!! DIY Engagement Ring Holder … [Read more...]

You Are My Sunshine DIY Reusable Gift Bag

DIY Reusable Gift Bag from The Cards We Drew

Today sharing my DIY Reusable Gift Bag idea! A few weeks ago I was at Target and came across these cute straw bags in the dollar section for $3.00 each. I picked two of them up thinking that they would be great, easy DIY projects for when the time came! The whole idea started because I'm hosting a baby shower next month and I wanted to come up with cute little gifts for the winners of some of the games we're going to play. So I decided to use the Hazel and Ruby stencil to make this bag. Here's what you need: Child Play Stencil Mask from Hazel and Ruby $3 Tote bag from Target Sharpie Permanent Colored Markers Hazel and … [Read more...]

Framed Apple Specimen Art

Be You-Nique Apple Art

I have a fun Teacher Gift Idea to share with you today that I originally shared last spring over at Tatertots and Jello! I wanted to think of something kind of different for the first day of school and something a teacher could enjoy for years to come. So I bypassed a food, drink, or plant idea and decided on a good old fashioned DIY project that is easy enough ANYONE can do it! No expensive tools needed…just some time and creativity! So I made this Framed Apple Specimen Art for a teacher’s classroom… The idea is pretty simple and you just need a few things to create this project: Cut It Out frame Craft paint in red and green for … [Read more...]