Amazon Fire Tablet for Kids and Travel

Amazon Fire Tablet for kids

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Two weeks ago we finished up our annual vacation to the lake with our family. Even though the lake is not far away, we always LOVE going up there and the kids just can’t get enough time at the lake. We recently got our kids an Amazon Fire Tablet, which has been perfect for moments like this. We spend days on the beach, in the water, at the islands, playing at amusement parks, and more. And when our son arrives back to our cabin, he just wants to relax and unwind and watch a movie before bed. Our cabins don’t have Wifi, but if we go down to the beach we can access it. Not many parents want their kids to go down on the beach with an expensive tablet, but the Fire Tablet is SUPER affordable and is PERFECT for kids on vacation.

family vacations with Amazon Fire TabletWe let him sit at the beach in the mornings, donut in hand, and play some of the fun apps we downloaded or even just sit there and watch Netflix for a little bit. The majority of our week is about 90% disconnected and we don’t even have cable or a tv in the cabin, so it’s nice to allow him a little screen time at the start or end of the day.

Amazon Fire tablet review

The Fire tablet from Amazon is the perfect tablet that is very affordable and is perfect for entertainment on-the -go. At just $49.99, it’s the perfect option for families with young kids–no more stress about handing your child a device that took you 6+ months to save up for! And with instant access to millions of popular games, books, music, movies and TV shows, and more, it offers something for everyone in the family.

Amazon Fire Tablet for kids

We enjoy the Amazon FreeTime app, which is available exclusively for Amazon devices and gives us parents a simple, engaging way to manage how kids use their devices It has the ability to hand-select content, set educational goals and set screen time limits by content type–win, win, win!!

Amazon Fire Tablet Cover

I got this great cover for our tablet too, it protects the screen and is magnetic, so it closes and stays closed. We really loved the bright, vibrant color options for our Fire…we picked out the fun blue tablet, which my kids loved!

Another huge plus?! The Fire Tablet has up to 7 hours of battery life and can download books, movies, music, and more to your internal storage or via a microSD card for up to 128 GB of additional storage, you will easily keep your kids entertained the entire trip whether in the car or on the plane.

great tablets for vacationWe used the tablet to let our daughter watch her cartoon and fall asleep on the beach each day and for our son to wind down with one of his favorite Netflix shows before bed. And quite honestly…we’re thinking of buying a second so that each child has their own tablet and we parents don’t have to share our more costly ones 😉

I’m so thrilled with our new Amazon Fire Tablet and before the summer months end, or even for back to school, I’d recommend checking it out for travel. It’s made our lives way easier and kept the kiddos happier longer. More information below!

Fire tablet from Amazon

Fire tablet from Amazon Cover




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