I’ve been a bad blogger lately…I’ve just been so busy! We’re about to go on a trip to MA for a wedding, so I’m blogging my little hiney off to get posts out for DimplePrints and for Someday Crafts (who is going to let me guest post next week!) before I leave. I have a SUPER funny story to tell you before I go though!

Andrew has really taken to the ABC song and sings it constantly. We have a CD in the car that has lots of nursery rhymes and songs on it–the ABC’s being one of them. Just this week, he actually started singing along in his little high pitched voice and mumbles. If that wasn’t adorable enough, he wants it to be repeated constantly, but didn’t know how to communicate that to me. At first it started off with lots of grunts and semi-cries until I figured out what he was trying to get me to do. Then I told him to say, “Again” and he started with “A-bum!”. We worked for a day or two on “again” and he finally got it.

Now it’s “again” every two minutes when the song ends! We’ve taught him to say, “Again, PLEASE” (Andrew verbage: peas) and then followed with a “thank you” or in his case tank ew. It’s hilarious, adorable, and annoying at the same time because after my 30th repeat of the ABC’s I’m ready to shoot myself. Mod Memento gave a great list of songs for adults and kids…I think that’s in our near future. :)

Hope you all have a great week. “Tank Ew” for reading!! Stay tuned for pics from our trip and my Someday Crafts guest post next week. PLUS lots of work coming my way on Andrew’s birthday party, my cane chair, my craft room, and a fun fall wreath!

P.S. Want to see what my son is wearing to the wedding on Friday????

I’m dying to show this off at the wedding!! Babies R Us rocked the wedding wear. :)



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    Abbey you’re so sweet for linking back to my playlist! Your little red head is killing me with his cuteness. Looks like you guys had a blast at the wedding, I just got caught up on your blog. Your new look is FAB!!! Love the yellow & white herringbone background!!!

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