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Hey everyone…I’m sorry for my lack of posts lately. Ever feel like you have SO much to get done that you don’t even know where to start? That’s me this week. Heck, that’s me every Halloween. Here’s the thing, my son’s birthday is 3 days before Halloween and my husband’s birthday is the day after Halloween. So between two birthdays, trick or treating, party planning, and daycare Halloween festivities, I have an EXTREMELY full 10 days each year around this time.
I wanted to show you what we did this weekend though. I think you guys will be proud of me 😉 Remember my Front Porch Mini-Makeover from a few months ago with my ugly barberry and juniper bushes taking over the front of the house? 
 It was horrible looking!
Well, a few weeks ago we pulled them and this past weekend we replaced them with 5 knock out rose bushes and I planted tulips in the front row of the bed. The best part? Shopping for bushes this time of year is AMAZING! The regularly $30 bushes were all on sale for 50% off. So we saved ourselves a bundle of money on our replantings! Here’s the after result, pre-mulching:

It’s a HUGE difference, right? I know it doesn’t look amazingly stellar, BUT once they grow up a bit and we mulch the bed, I think it’ll look amazing. I’m so excited for what spring will bring!

Here’s one of the few buds left on the bushes…we got double knockout red roses and yellow knock out roses and alternated them. 

Yeah…it really needs mulched.
We’re also in the process of finishing up our backyard fence, which is quite a task that I plan to show you next week.
So here’s how the rest of my week will go and then you’ll see me back here soon hopefully with some fun posts. 
Friday: Birthday treat at my son’s daycare
Saturday: Boo at the Zoo catered event for my husband’s work
Sunday: Andrew’s Toy Story birthday party (*keeping it small and simple this year–remember his Candy Corn Birthday Party last year?? You know the one with a little feature on a little blog called AMY ATLAS!*) :o)
Tuesday: Daycare Halloween Party *bring in treats*
Wednesday: Daycare TRUNK or TREAT (I’m decorating my trunk) and then at night regular Trick or Treating
Thursday: My husband’s 35th birthday
Friday: Special night out for my husband and I to celebrate his 35th child-free

TOLD YOU MY WEEK WAS BUSY!! So please, bear with me for the next few weeks! My blog is also currently under-going a major revamp that I hope to debut soon.

Lastly, I FINALLY found a kitchen table to makeover just in time for the holidays. Here’s what I’m working with:

 It’s got a lot of character and pretty lines/curves I think. I need to reupholster all the chairs and paint the whole thing–probably with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. It has THREE leaves and extends really big, so it’ll be something we can use for a lot of different purposes. I’m really pleased with my find finally!

So there you have it guys. I have party planning, Halloween decorating, Power Wheel putting together-ing, cleaning, painting, and MORE-ing for the next few days. I’ll be back soon though with pics from his birthday. Although small, it’ll be good still :)

Done rambling. No one’s probably even reading by now. I don’t blame you 😉



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    ooh, I read, I read :) I can’t wait to see that table when you’re done! And I totally understand about crazy birthday stuff. Guess what we get this November…my birthday, my son’s 4th birthday and Thanksgiving…3 days in a row!

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